What The Real Church Is


The true Christian church is comprised of all true believers who have become spiritually one with their Savior Jesus Christ. It is not any particular denomination, nor does it have anything to do with any physical worship building. Christís church is spiritual, it is the hearts and souls of all those who love, believe in and gladly obey their Savior. This church lives under the grace of Jesus Christ, which makes all in this body pure, holy, sinless. Those who are in fellowship with Christ are humble, repentant, because they did nothing to become part of His great church. Instead it was their sins which forced Jesus the indignation of becoming man, of living a perfect life here on earth, of being ridiculed, whipped, tortured, even separated from His Almighty Father, and finally brutally crucified to make atonement for their sins. It is the undeserved love of their Lord that brings all into the family of God, that will make them part of His Heavenly Kingdom forever.††

The Lordís temple resides in the hearts of all believers. It is ironic how many people believe a church building is the holy house of the Lord where one can come to find and approach God, where one is obligated to meet every Sunday with their Lord. They believe once inside a church building they are in the presence of God, being very respectful in their demeanor, in their language. They feel promises and vows are more valid, more binding, when made in this holy place. Once outside they return to their everyday worldly mode, for they are out of the direct presence of their Lord. But this concept is totally backwards. We do not go to meet the Lord at a church building, our Savior is with us everywhere we go. Under the new covenant we are spiritually one with Jesus, we need no other mediator, we go directly to God through the intersession of Jesus Christ. Christís church meets anywhere, anytime two or more believers are gathered together praying, praising, talking, studying, or doing any God pleasing activity. Jesus Christ is the bridge of the New Covenant. A bridge that allows all to come into His Spiritual Kingdom, allows Jesus to spiritually live in our hearts. What one must remember is that all is said, all is done, all is contemplated in front of Jesus Christ when He resides in us. The only thing that needs to be holy is our hearts. Outside of water for baptism, bread and the fruit of the vine for communion, no physical elements are required. There is no need of any church buildings, no altars are required, no adornments are needed, no traditions are required, all these items merely add to the convenience of our worship. What enhances our relationship to our King is a contrite spirit, humility to praise our Lord, and a living faith that permeates into an all passionate love for our Savior.

Human ego is also a hindrance to the true church. There are no great men or women of the Bible, there are no great evangelists, ministers, or church leaders of any age. There are only men who our Lord was able to do great things through. We are all mere mortals with human pride, striving to be the greatest in our Lordís eyes. Many desire to be great leaders in guiding the church. Some think they are the only leaders knowing the only way to bring sinners to Jesus by their skills, their efforts, their programs. Congregations, evangelistic, and mission efforts are often named after men and women as though these mere individuals were somehow responsible for spreading the word, instead of the Holy Spirit, that they were responsible for saving people, instead of Jesus Christ. There is nothing Christian leaders or individuals can do to lead or hold others in Jesus except provide a way for all to meet the Holy Spirit. We can only do this when we pull our ego, our pride out of the way. When we show Godís word as the true message, obediently submitting to it. When we let all see how the Holy Spirit has changed us, made us a new a person, one who is confident in the Lord. When we show others the joy Jesus love has given us and in return we try to love all people. When we show the peace we have in our hearts knowing Jesus has forgiven our sins. When we are happy and content knowing we are in our Creatorís care, trusting Him to provide for us. Never worrying about all the physical things one can obtain, but grateful for all the undeserved blessings our Heavenly Father has laid away for us in Heaven. The real battle within our own hearts is for the greatest to become the least. A servant doing our Lordís work, a servant to all those who are in His gentle care. A servant to all those that seek Him, a servant to promote His word to all those that have not yet met our awesome Lord.

Today many denominations and congregations are run in a worldly manor. They do not reflect the love of putting our Lord first, they no longer use the Bible as their greatest tool in following their God. Their decisions are based too often on how to protect and enhance their assets, which have become the most important item in their agenda of accomplishing the Lordís work. Accountants and attorneys now maneuver the congregation to protect these assets, even if it means compromising their beliefs a wee bit. We have lost the passion to put the truth of Jesus Christ first, forgetting He is our greatest asset, our only treasure. When our Lord is not number one we have nothing, everything we do is for naught. Likewise congregations now consider the words of the Bible outdated in our intelligent modern society. They replace Godís words with their own clearer version of what the scriptures mean. The clearer meaning deemed more important than the very words of God. They have forgotten the scriptures are active, their very words talk to the hearts of all.Others go farther replacing the scriptures with legalistic doctrines to make rules to live by that even the Pharisees of old would envy. These doctrines are often different or exceed what our Lord asks of us. One can actually live in Christís true church, but not be accepted as members in many congregations due to their doctrine requirements. We must never put stumbling blocks in front of those who are walking with Jesus.

Christians will always be aliens in this world, always be different as we follow our Lord. Our backgrounds give us different customs, traditions, and favorite ways we like to worship our Lord. Traditions and customs are sometimes helpful, often self limiting, sometimes destructive. But all should be aware of what is Biblical and what is socially made by man to enhance his worship. Customs and traditions are not binding on Christians, nor should any be coerced into accepting them. We should reasonably facilitate different services desired by the those worshipping providing they are praising our Lord through His word, all can understand what is being said, and the service is done in a loving and respectful manor. We are all at different stages in our faith, all of us have different weaknesses that Satan can exploit. Christians should be considerate of others, praying for them, helping and encouraging them, never doing anything to push them away from our Lord. Some must adjust individually to their situation, others do better in small groups, and many like to be active with large throngs. We should treat all with Christian love, let this love guide us in allowing others to grow in Christ. We can accomplish this by following Godís word, by not making congregational rules or precedents which are unable to span the different stages and situations many are in. Together we are all one in Jesus Christ, all members of His Holy Church, all heirs of His Heavenly Kingdom.




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