Know That We Are Saved


God is all powerful, He is all knowing, He is spiritually present everywhere, but most important of all, He dearly loves us. Our Heavenly Father loves us with an awesome love, an undeserved love, desiring all to become part of His family, part of His eternal kingdom.We must realize that all the worldly physical blessings we ask for cannot even begin to compare with all the spiritual blessing our God wants to give us, the greatest being eternal life in Heaven. Heaven where we live in peace with our Savior, where pain and suffering are no more. Where we live in harmony and love with all those in Christ eternally. Eternal is forever, more than a hundred years, more than a million years, greater than even a trillion years, it is infinite. The best way to explain the concept of Heaven is through the contempt of nonbelievers. Early in the 1900ís some elite minds ridiculed our Masterís plan. They believed that there would not be enough room in the star lit universe they gazed upon to house all the generations of believers going to meet their Maker. Surely one would have to travel from star to star to find their friends in Heaven. These nay Sayers small minds could not begin to fathom the size of the heavens that we know exist today. There are galaxies upon galaxies billions of light years away that tower over the meager size of our small visible sphere. It would take our fastest rocket millions of years to reach the outer limits of the universe. The universe is so big it is beyond understanding and those who believe they can comprehend Godís world only have balloon minds, minds that are full of hot air and blown out of proportion by their egos. Today scientists are finding the building patterns of life on the earth so complex, with so many combinations, that it is impossible for the world to be created by chance. There must be a superior being with a master plan. The more we know, the more we are amazed at what we donít know, will never know, will never be able to comprehend. There is only one solution to fathoming our existence, and that is to have the faith of a child. With child like faith the Holy Spirit can spiritually open our eyes to understand what our meager minds are able to comprehend, and to accept that which will only be known to us in Heaven.We are all at different stages in our faith, in our love for our Master. We must remember when problems overwhelm us, when we need His tender assurance, when we do not feel our Saviorís presence, the love of Jesus Christ is always around us. Jesus will answer our prayers, do what is best for us, help us to complete what He has deigned for us to do. Jesus will always send the Holy Spirit to strengthen and renew our faith, He will send angels to watch over and protect us. But most important of all, through faith our Savior lives in our hearts. He is part of us and we are part of Him forever.

There will be a judgment day. Some fear this day, not sure whether they will measure up, afraid they may wind up in hell. Others are scared to have all of their sins judged, they secret desires exposed. But fear cannot save you, fear merely alerts one to all the sins they have. Only love enables one to come to Jesus, only love makes us truly sorry for our sins, makes us truly want to repent. There will be two sides on judgment day. Those who are in the family of Jesus Christ and those who have never submitted their will to God.

True believers make up Christís real church and their names have already been written in Heaven. We have been made holy, spotless by the grace of Jesus Christ. Our sins have been forgiven and forgotten forever. There is no sin for God to judge us on. We will be given the greatest spiritual blessing of all, eternal life in Heaven with our Lord. But we will also have to account for what we did for our Lord while on earth. Some much was expected from, others less, but all will receive their just due in Heaven. Many of the greatest on earth will become the least in Heaven, and many of the least on earth will become the greatest in Heaven. For those exalted in Heaven will be the humble, those who were willing to serve others. Those who hearts were full of Christís love, who did everything for the love of their Savior, not desiring any recognition of their own.

Only those who have rejected Jesus Christ need to fear judgment day. When Godís wrath will be poured out on all the unbelievers for their disobedience to His will. When all offenses committed against believers because of their faith in Jesus will be avenged. When those that led any astray from Jesus, especially children, will be chastised. When those who did not help the poor and needy will pay for their selfishness. When the unfaithful will be humiliated as they tried to humiliated their God, as they humiliated believers. Then all unbelievers will be banished from Godís love to spend eternity with Satan in the fires of Hell.

One last thought, we are not saved by what is in our minds but what is in our hearts. We will always have a battle controlling our mind when it rationalizes worldly desires as God pleasing. But be very wary when your heart, your spiritual conscience, does not question your actions, does not make you feel guilty. Make sure Jesus is always in your heart, let your heart always listen to what He says, let your heart always follow His commands.




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