How We Are Forgiven

See How Our Sins Are Forgiven for a more detail explanation with written Bible verses


This answer is very simple. Our sins are forgiven when we believe in Jesus Christ, when we have the faith, the love for our Savior that makes us want to sincerely repent of all of our sins, even those we are not aware of. Christ died once upon the cross to atone for the sins of all people. He rose from the dead to reign as our Savior forever, freely forgiving the sins of all repentant believers. Through Christís free gift of grace our sins are completely forgiven, they are gone forever, our God remembers them no more. Our soul is holy once more, spiritually part of the body of Christ. We should likewise freely forgive those who have offended us. We should also ask for forgiveness from those whom we have wronged, and try to make amends for any misdeeds we have committed.

Jesus looks into our hearts, forgiving those who are truly seeking Him, truly seeking forgiveness. The spiritual intent in our hearts forgives our sins, when we are sincere in our repentance, when we believe in Christís atonement on the cross for our sins and humbly accept His gift of grace.Mankind is imperfect, though one tries to live as our Heavenly Father wants us to, we will always sin and fall short. We will always lose some of the battles with Satan, with our flesh, and with all the evil surrounding us. Many of us will die in sin, even in the action of sinning. Others will not retain all of their mental faculties due to age or sickness. Some will die in infancy, some before they are born. The Holy Spirit intercedes for all believers who are caught in weakness, for all in Christ who are unable to repent due to circumstances beyond their control, and for those who do not yet know what to pray for. And our Lord is in one accord with the Spirit, forgiving and making holy all who have His love in their hearts, all who would have been sincerely sorry for their sins and would have asked Jesus to forgive them in their daily prayers. Our Lord also hears the praise made by babes, by those still in the womb, praise made perfect by the Holy Spirit. And our Master knows those who are or would have become children of God.

As Christ is holy so we must also become holy to be one with our Lord, to be one with all believers in Christís Holy Church. We become holy when Jesus forgives all of our sins. But often we turn right around and sin again, even commit sins we are unaware of. Jesus does not want a revolving door of believers coming and going from His church as they become holy through His grace, and then unholy by sinning again. Jesus does not want to be pushed out of believersí hearts by sin that believers erringly fell for, that they will be sorry for, that they will daily repent of. Jesus wants to make His residence permanently in our hearts, wants us always to live in His true church. Jesus accomplishes this by forgiving us through the intent in our hearts. Forgiving us before we even ask Him, keeping us holy, keeping us one with our Lord forever, and completing our Heavenly Fatherís plan of salvation for all believers.

We must realize that spiritual intent is not an easy out that allows all people to be forgiven, that everyone must have some good in their hearts that will save them. Jesus alone knows who loves the Lord, who puts Him number one in their lives, who strives to follow His commands, who loves others as much as themselves. It is living completely for our great God that saves us, not half - hearted attempts to follow Him or occasionally allowing our Lord into our lives. The race is long, there are many battles to fight, but we must reach the finish line, the war must be won. Always remember a personís actions do not always show what is in their hearts. We may be surprised at whom we see in Heaven, and who is not there.




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