What Sin Is


Sin is simply disobeying God. When we cannot relinquish our own free will and submit to God’s will. And as much as Heavenly Father loves us, He detests sin. Sin is created when the love of Jesus is not in our hearts, is not the most important thing in our lives. When we allow our love for the Lord to be humanly reasoned down to mirror our desires, when we try and spiritually debate Satan who easily twists good to evil in our meager human minds. We will always sin. The fight is to minimize our disobedience to our Lord and to maximize our submission to His will. The greatest commandment of our God has always been, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all of thy soul, and with all thy mind,” Matt. 22:37. Sinning has and always will be spiritual. It happens deep within our hearts, our physical actions only expose the spiritual sin we have in our souls. There is nothing we can do to please God unless it is done out of love for Him, our desire to put Jesus Christ first in everything we do. All the physical good works we do, the perfect lifestyle we live, all the church activities we do, all of the commandments we keep, are irrelevant without the love of Christ in our hearts.

The second greatest commandment is,“ Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself,” Matt 22:39. The situations these two great commands cover are everything we do in our lives. We must strive to put our Lord first, and treat our neighbor as we would want to be treated. You can’t list all the situations that these great commands entail. It is easy to sin without knowing we even have. So many times we snub our God or hurt our neighbor and are unaware of the sins we have committed. The ten commandments are put forward as the rules to live by, but they just a part of our Master’s two greatest commands. Our Lord has given us many more commands of both commission, things we should not do, and of omission, things we should do. The segment on “The Lord’s Commands” covers these and can be read below in this section.             

There are no greater or less sins, all sins are evil and push us away from God. Sin is committed by not submitting to our Master’s will, the physical consequence of the sin is irrelevant. Jesus told us if we commit one sin we have committed them all, because any sin keeps us from the Spiritual Kingdom of our Savior. We each have a weakness, a desire, a fantasy, a yearning that is hard to give up, that is exploited by Satan. And this passion makes us unwilling or reluctant to submit our will to our Master. Not submitting our will is the sin, not the particular physical offense we do. Only when we have Jesus in our hearts do we have the love to submit our will to Him, to pass this love along to others. This is what the two great commands are all about.




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