How To Find God


When we look at this world and all of its complexities, its intricacies, its uncomprehendable mysteries, we know our existence could not have been just a matter of chance. Deep down we possess an awareness that there is a superior being who designed this great universe. The trouble is we cannot find this loving God by ourselves, we can not fit God into our own physical world. We must put aside our human pride and ego, we must come in humility, with child like faith. We must clear our minds of all preconceived ideas to justify our personal wants, desires, or ideals of political correctness. We must spiritually come into the world of our Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit. Only the Holy Spirit is able to open our eyes to the love and truth of our Lord, to give us the faith to believe in Him. We can receive the Holy Spirit at any time of our lives, whether we are life long congregational members who still are unsure of being one in Christ, to those who now are hearing about their Lord for the first time. All can find Jesus Christ by sincerely praying a simple prayer like this:

ďDear Heavenly Father, I want to be part of your Heavenly Kingdom. Thank you for all the spiritual and physical blessings you have given me. Holy Spirit, open my heart to receive Jesus Christ as the center of my life. Give me the wisdom to grow and stay in faith, knowledge and love of my Savior. Jesus, I repent of my sins and want to start a new life in you. Thank you for dying on the cross to atone for my sins, to make me holy once more. In Christís name I pray, Amen.Ē

The exact words are not as important as our attitude. An attitude that realizes we will be a changed person when we follow our Lord. We will no longer be part of this world, we will become a new spiritual person with Jesus Christ. Then one must seek spiritual guidance to learn more about their Master. We will be glad to help if you will e-mail us or seek out a church that uses the disciplines of ďThe BibleĒ segment of this section.

We must realize we cannot have a half-hearted commitment to our Lord, it is all or nothing. We must ask the Holy Spirit to continually help us grow in the Lord by guiding us as we read Godís Word, as we worship with fellow believers, as we live our lives. To the degree we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us is to the degree we will understand Godís word. To the degree we submit to our Lordís will is to the degree we will accomplish our Heavenly Fatherís plan for us. To the degree we put Jesus Christ number one in our hearts is to the degree we will have the faith and love to accept that which we will never be able to comprehend. To some much understanding will be given, to others less. From those given much, more will be expected, from those given less, less will be expected, but all will be able to know Jesus. For the Holy Spirit freely gives the faith and knowledge to all who want Jesus to be the center of their lives.††




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