Understanding Ourselves


God created us as both a spiritual and physical being. We have four distinct parts, a spirit, a soul, a physical body, and a mind. God gave us a self-determining spirit that was originally mirrored in His image, a spirit that was pure and holy, a spirit that would live forever. Our spirit lives in our soul, is the conscious, the very heart of our spiritual being. The soul lives in our physical body, a body that is controlled by our own human mind. Satan induced Eve to sin by convincing her she could be equal with God if she followed her own will and ate from the tree of good and evil. Adam believing Eve followed along in this lie, disobeying God and making mankind sinful. Now we live in a world of sin where we must work to survive. Now our physical bodies age, cause us pain, and must die. Our spirit is eternal and will never die. But with the advent of sin our spirit is no longer holy, it can no longer be in the presence of God. When our physical body dies, our soul and spirit were now destined to spend eternity away from God in Hell. But because our Heavenly Father loved us so much, He devised a plan to save us. Jesus Christ came down from Heaven, became man, died as atonement for our sins, arose from the dead and ascended into Heaven as a Savior for all who believe in Him. When we sincerely repent of our sins, Jesus forgives us, making us holy once again. When we have Jesus in our hearts we become spiritually one with our Savior, we are sons and daughters of God once more. We are part of the Kingdom of God being one with all believers on earth and in Heaven. The battle between good and evil, whether we remain with Christ or follow our own will, is fought deep within our souls, where we spiritually wrestle with the free choice that our God has given us.

Jesus has promised He will triumphantly return to earth on that great day that only our Heavenly Father knows. Jesus will bring down all the Christian souls that have been waiting in Paradise, call up their physical bodies from the grave, and once again unite their body and soul. And together with all the living believers on earth, glorify their bodies so they may come before the Lord. Then Jesus will reward all believers by bringing us home to our final destination, the majestically beautiful Kingdom of God. The remaining unbelievers face the judgment day wrath of God. They will be found lacking and cast into the burning sands of hell, to live eternally with Satan. The only difference between the forgiven and damned is their ability to relinquish their own will, their willingness to let the Holy Spirit spiritually guide them to accept Jesus Christ, to allow one the humility to submit to our Masterís will.††




Simple Truths