Who God Is


God is an all-powerful mighty spirit who was not created, He has always been and always will be, He is eternal. Because God is a spirit He is present everywhere. He is able to be everywhere in His vast universe, and still live spiritually within us. Our God is a God of love and He loves every one of us. But our God also wants us to love Him back, to put Him first in our lives, to obey His commands, to live as He would have us live.

Our God has three distinct persons, the trinity. God the Father, God the Son, Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit. Yet all are one Divine Spiritual Being, there is only one true God. The easiest way to comprehend the trinity is to look at water. Water can be a solid when it is frozen, water can be a liquid, or water can be steam, a vapor, when it is boiled. Water is just one element, yet it is still has three distinct physical bodies. It is the same with our God. We have but one God in essence, yet three separate beings:

A Master Planner in our Heavenly Father, who is strong and solid like ice, who is the planner of all the universe, yet who is perfect love, who loves us intensely, who is our one true Father, who desires all to become His holy children.

A Savior in Jesus Christ, who gives us living water. Jesus came down from Heaven and became man, while yet true God also. He died a human death on the cross to make atonement for all of our sins. He arose from the dead on the third day, ascending back into all of His heavenly glory above. Jesus is now preparing a place in Heaven for all believers when our Lord calls us home.

An Enabler in the Holy Spirit, who as a vapor, a spirit, comes into our hearts opening our eyes to our Savior, to the truths of the scriptures. The Spirit gives us the faith to believe in our Lord, enables us to meet and know Jesus Christ, intercedes for us, and keeps us in the true faith of our God.


A greater love will never exist than the awesome love our God has for us. A love so great that Jesus Christ became man and died a horrendous death to save all people, even a sinful, disobedient, worthless wretch such as I am. Jesus arose from the dead and ascended into Heaven, just as all who believe in our Lord will do. Mankindís intrinsic value is determined by this priceless gift of atoning grace Jesus offers all. This free gift makes everyone equal regardless of their status in life. Those who accept Jesus will have the unfathomed treasures of Heaven opened wide to them. Those who reject Christ have nothing, facing the ultimate punishment of eternal separation from God in Hell.†††




Simple Truths