Basic Truths with Verses

God Loves You. Take time to learn about your Creator


The “Specific Topics” are written without verses to make them easier to read. In “Verses” the Scripture passages are given in parenthesis to validate what is being said. Please read the Bible verses for when we get into the Word of God, the Holy Spirit opens our hearts to Jesus, our eyes to the truth of our Lord’s will.


       Specific Topics                         Verses
       God’s Plan of Creation                  God’s Plan of Creation - Verses
           Our Spirituality                          Our Spirituality-Verses
             Love, Not Law                           Love, Not Law-Verses
               Our Sins                                   Our Sins-Verses
              Forgiveness                                 Forgiveness-Verses
             God Knows All                             God Knows All-Verses              
            Truth In Our Lives                       Truth In Our lives-Verses      
       Conception – In The Womb        
      The Family of God, The True Church                   Verses
        Leadership in The Family of God                       Verses