The Chasm


There is a spiritual chasm which separates Godís Holy Kingdom from that of the sinful world. The chasm is deep and wide, making it impossible for anyone to cross over from this world and come into the Kingdom of God, except by one pathway which bridges these two kingdoms. This pathway was built when Jesus Christ died on the cross as atonement for all of our sins. It is narrow, hard to follow, and each person, on our own, must cross over this chasm. And through the grace of Jesus Christ believers can enter into the Kingdom of God.


This crossing is also unique as the bright shining light of Christís glory makes it impossible for any to see across this pathway. We can only see where it begins, then we must trust Jesusí tender voice to guide us the rest of the way across the chasm. And we can only hear Jesusí voice when we allow the Holy Spirit to come into our hearts and introduce us to our great Savior.


It can be very hard to take the first step out on the pathway over the chasm, when we cannot see where we are going, and must trust our Savior alone to guide us. We must avoid looking over the edge, at how far we can fall, all the way to hell, if we lose our concentration on Jesus. We must also not lose our balance by turning around, and looking back at all we have left behind in this world. All those we love who are unbelievers; including our spouse, children, parents, brothers, sisters, and friends. All of the wealth, pleasures, and accomplishments we have accumulated here on earth.


Some are able to go right across the pathway at our Lordís bidding. Others must go one step at the time, often wondering what they are doing here on this pathway, that it is crazy trusting Jesus Christ for everything. Some may even take a step or two back towards the world and all it offers. But as we continue to feel the firm underpinning of the path with each step we take, as our love, faith, and trust in our God continues to grow, it becomes much easier to continue on towards our goal. Until we are willing to give our lives to our great God, and He removes any fears which would keep us from crossing the chasm, from coming into His Kingdom. We are satisfied and happy to become children of God, our only claim to fame being how much our God loves us.


There are many who come to this chasm and look to find a better way to cross it, for they are unwilling to cross it by faith alone. Let us build a big, beautiful church and school to worship the Lord with. Let us find the best pastors and teachers to fill our church and school to the hilt. Surely this will get the Lordís attention and He will provide an easier pathway for us to cross. Or if we bring in the most intelligent, learned people, they surely can devise a superior way to cross over the chasm.


Others provide money for the poor, the needy, often by tithing their earnings and giving them to the church. Surely the Lord will notice such good works and help us across the chasm. Many fight for the rights of all people, for surely human bondage through slavery is what the Lord detests most. It is much worse than slavery to sin, and by freeing others the Lord will make a better path for us.


These and many other groups stand looking out at the crossing, waiting for the Lord to make it easier for them to come into His Kingdom. These people believe they are doing all that is humanly possible to carry out Christís work on earth and are merely waiting for their just rewards. There are so many that are searching to be part of the Lordís Kingdom. But they are never willing to completely let go of their own will, their own thinking, and trust in Jesus to guide them across this narrow chasm.


Others look at the narrow crossing and think the only way across is to have a guide show them the way. They turn to pastors and leaders for help, but man is an imperfect being. Those who guide us must use only Godís Word to show us the way, and it is too easy for them to rely on their own reasoning. They are but mere mortals who can lose their way on the path, often taking with them all who were following them. Man cannot save anyone. No intermediary can guide or tell you how to cross the chasm. They can only tell you where to start. This trip to cross the chasm, this battle to save your soul, by giving up your will and accepting Godís will; is between you and your God alone.


The rich and the powerful have never even considered crossing on this narrow path. They live on the worldly side of the chasm, believing God will someday provide a safe crossing for them, one that will not be as risky or require them to give up so much. They live on the more expensive land by the narrowest part of the chasm, so they can have a shorter trip across it. For being rich they will have the most baggage to bring with them, all of their ego, pride, and worldly pleasures. This baggage will make Godís Kingdom a better place to live, a more bearable place to make oneís residence in. They live in lavish luxury as they await the Lord to come and make a safe and enjoyable way for them to come into His Kingdom.


Then comes all the church leaders and pastors with their degrees, their letters of praise, and figures showing how their work expanded the congregations. They can help show the Lord how to make His kingdom grow. Others pack in their suitcases the correct worship service, whether it is classical, liturgical, contemporary, on a certain day, or many other requirements. Some believe there should be closed communion, others statues of saints for all to pray to, and still others believe no alcohol consumption should be allowed. And the continual debate over whether to water baptize by sprinkling, pouring or immersion; when all that is needed is the indwelling of the Spirit in our hearts.


Next in line are all the people who would believe devoutly in their church denomination no matter what it may be. Their attitude is I was born a _____ I was baptized a _____ and I will die a _____. They all wait for God to validate their choice as the correct church by making a crossing specifically for their denomination. For surely no one can get into the Lordís kingdom if they are not of the right denomination.


A little farther down are the many worldly sexual rights groups. The women waving flags so our Lord will justify their right to kill any baby living in their body. And God should also be called a woman, giving woman equal rights with the men. Others believe it is alright to have sex before marriage. And shouldnít a little homosexuality also be allowed for those who want to indulge in same sex relationships. Without these Heaven would be a little too old fashion for anyone to enjoy.


There are many ongoing discussions among these people who are waiting to cross over the chasm. Some civilly discuss their different beliefs in a philosophical manner. Others argue back and forth, the extreme protest and demonstrate loudly. They all believe God will answer their demands. Their worldly baggage continues to be stacked higher and higher along the worldly chasm bank, yet none are able to cross over the pathway. For our Father has not, and will not make another way for anyone to come into His Kingdom, except through Jesus. And all this noise and rhetoric merely confuses those who sincerely want to come to our God.


The saddest part is some of these people believe they are serving our God. They are just waiting for Him to justify their human beliefs, and make a better pathway for them to come into His kingdom. They are oblivious to the fact one must relinquish their human will to find our God, to come into His Kingdom. Godís will is only found in His Word, the Bible, not in the world around us, nor in our own human minds. And no person can serve two masters. We must all choose which master we will follow, our God or our own human intelligence.


Those who reside in Godís Kingdom and still live on earth are not the perfect people one would expect. We all sin, yet believers know how to fall down on our knees and ask Jesus to forgive us. The more we learn about Jesus, the more we realize how sinful and unworthy we really are. Our only worth lies in how much our God loves us, a love so great that He sent His most precious possession, His only Son, to die for our sins.


Many come into our Fatherís Kingdom when we are given life in our motherís womb, and others do not find our God until they are on their deathbed. Some are from families who have continually known their God, continually worshiped Him. Others have been very desperate people and have lived in Satanís playground. They have done every imaginable sinful thing. The rough roads and terrain they have been over are littered with lost souls. But somehow they hear the Holy Spirit and follow Him to the pathway. After all the trouble they have been through they know this may be their last chance. They have no fear of falling down into the chasm, their only fear is they cannot be forgiven. They pray to Jesus to rid them of all the evil they have trapped inside them. They cannot believe the answer is so simple, that the free gift of Grace through Christ makes them spiritually holy once more. They do not understand why so many others, the prominent to the insignificant, are still on the outside looking in.


All true believers come into the spiritual Kingdom of God. Yet not all who enter this Kingdom will stay with their Lord. It is very easy to cross back across the pathway into Satanís worldly domain. For the light is at your back clearly showing you the way ahead, clearly showing you all of the temptations of the world you have been missing. Some try to go from side to side, trying to be in both Kingdoms. But it is always easier to cross the path back into the world and this is where they will end up.††


Godís Kingdom, the true Christian Church is not any particular building or religious denomination. Christís Church is the spirits and souls of all who truly believe in their Lord. We are spiritually tied together in Christ wherever we worship, as we endeavor to spread His word to all, while loving our fellow man as ourselves.


Daily we go out into the world working for our great God and our own earthly needs. When the workday is done, we spiritually come home to our Father in our prayers. We bring all of our praise, cares, thankfulness, and troubles to Him, knowing our Father will always hear and answer them in the manner which is best for us.


We each have a choice on which side of the chasm we want to eternally live. In the Kingdom of God which will last forever; or the world which will pass away, with all in it being cast into the eternal flames of Hell.


May this be our prayer when Jesus comes our souls to claim

*For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. Phil 1:22 ASV




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