Never Hesitate


The world is rapidly changing as it spirals to unwind

The rich get richer, human wisdom has the blind leading the blind

The love and peace of Jesus has been put on hold

As a world full of evil darkness begins to explode


Human egos begin strutting around, so forceful, so bold

Hiding the truth of the Scriptures which have always fore-told

That all to the Lord must humbly submit when grace they do seek

For the Saviorís great Kingdom is given to the meek


Only through the truth of Godís Word can one be set free

Hear the Savior as He quietly beckons, ďSinner, come follow meĒ

In the balance one holds their own destiny, their everlasting fate

Whether to accept Jesus, whether to walk through Heavenís great gate


The clock is ticking as prophetic signs of the end are given birth

Every minute is one minute less to meet our Master here on earth

How long will the Spirit a response to the invitation wait

So open your heart while you have the chance, never, never hesitate