Christís Death


I am the drops of blood that Jesus shed

Contemplating the great task of salvation ahead

I am the ropes that bound Him tight

When He was arrested in the garden late at night


I am the lies that were twisted and spun

That were bitterly hurled at Godís own Son

I am the fist that hit Jesus in the face

And the saliva that was spit on the King of Grace


I am the crown of thorns that was shoved on Christís head

The insults of Roman soldiers while He quietly bled

I am the leather and metal biting deep within

Tearing away pieces of my Masterís flesh and skin


I am the cross Jesus carried His death to complete

The pain of nails being driven through His wrists and feet

I am the wood that held my Saviorís body high

Slowly, painfully, suffocating Him till He would die


I am the agony of a mother looking at a dying son

The shock of a friend watching a crucifixion being done

I am the sins of the world that Jesus bore

A sinner forsaken by a Father who wanted holiness once more

To know why Jesus was brutally crucified one merely has to look in the mirror. My sins, your sins, all sins of the human race from the beginning to the end of the world made Jesus go to the cross. I am as guilty as anyone of inflicting the humiliation, the agony, the torture, the death of my Savior. The most incomprehensible part of Godís plan of salvation is the tremendous love my Lord has for me. That God through Jesus would become man, be tortured, and die to save someone worthless as I am.


Jesus gave His soul into His Fatherís tender care

Spiritually ascending to Heaven, announcing His triumphant victory there

Three days later on earth Jesus would physically arise

Letting the world know He had opened the gates to Paradise


We should all thank Jesus for taking our place

Because He loved us He willingly died to grant us grace

We should tell all the good news, being proud to proclaim

Jesus has saved me, He did not die in vain








Copyright 2008 by Ron Borkey