Left Behind


When we spiritually visit with our Heavenly Savior

About the temptations families face with worldly behavior

Struggling to keep all focused on Jesus so He will find

Sincere love in all our hearts so no one will be left behind.


Every day when confronted by temptuous sinful factions

Not judging others but in love telling all their actions

Will surely be accountable when they are judged in kind

And those who have not put Christ first will be left behind.


By enjoying sinful pleasures Russian roulette some do play

Believing there is time to change before their judgment day

So onward they struggle through this world’s daily grind

At extremely risky odds that they’ll be left behind.


It is very scary watching parents and loved ones all

Sons, daughters, and wife, never knowing who’ll fall

Many surging ahead, straddling the good and evil fence line

Never sure where they will end up or who will be left behind.


Late at night getting that eerie feeling way down deep

As we dream with our Savior quietly in our sleep

This tie on this earth that loved ones does bind

Will break for we will view as evil those who are left behind.


But Jesus spoke out to make it abundantly clear

That we must love Him more than those we hold dear

So we pray and help those loved ones who are blind

Hoping they will find Jesus and not be left behind.


Do not worry for our gracious God has a plan laid away

For those who love and serve Him to their last day

In Heaven above a wonderful family we will find

And He will wipe away all thoughts of those left behind.


Instead anticipate the new brothers and sisters we will meet

In that great glorious Kingdom at our Master’s feet

This thought gives us peace and a satisfied mind

For those in Jesus need never worry about being left behind.