Where to Worship
My wife asked me an interesting question the other day
What purpose do church buildings in our worship play
Are we not wasting many of the resources we seek
When we put them in a large room used a few times a week
Many believe structures show how great our faith can be
By having the best showplace for our great Deity
So we build tremendous churches like idols to the skies
While many are so needy and out of hunger die
Jesus here on earth did not have a place to lay His head
But still had others give to all, allowing the poor to be fed
For our Savior knew all physical things will surely pass away
Except the many blessings to be given on Judgment Day
Jesus Christ in all His teaching did never bestow
Great blessings for building physical treasures here below
For it doesn't matter where, when or how we meet
Only that we gather to humbly worship at our Savior's feet
Great churches where an intermediate for us did pray
Are no longer needed for our spiritual blessings today
Less we forget the old covenant has passed away
For the new covenant of grace Jesus has put into play
Christ's grace means no need for a holy place or holy ground
Only holiness in a contrite sinner's heart need be found
For Jesus alone can intercede for us in Heaven above
Not for what we can do or offer, but out of unfathomable love
For Christ's real church is not a physical shrine
But the Savior's temple is in each believer's heart entwined
Worship is anytime two or more believers are gathered in His name
Coming as small individual coals to blow into a large flame
All human based worship no matter how contrived, is but in vain
No matter how great the content how much they try to entertain
Buildings, symbolism, or social gatherings do not Christianity impart
Conversion requires the Holy Spirit to open one's heart
Together believers worship Jesus to spiritually become one
Putting away human ideals, egos and values to get His work done
Working hard trying to keep all in Christ's love for sure
By coming together as a Christian unit to faithfully endure
Where we are fed spiritual blessings so hope will always stay
Where we are given living water that quenches our thirst away
Where we are clothed in God's love that binds us in one accord
We will gladly come to worship spiritually with our Lord