**Lord You Love Me**


Lord you love me, let me never your decisions doubt

The less worldly treasures one has, the less to worry about

Until we have no fear of all the worldly riches we can lose

Always sharing all you give us, the needy never to refuse


Lord you have given my heart blessings which internally inspires

 Pure spiritual love for you, not physically self gratifying desires

Being one with you, knowing in my heart you will always stay

Supplanting all my wicked thoughts and human ego, day by day


Lord you have given me faith when everything else does fail

You push away satan, keeping me from the savagery of Hell

When my mind is tormented with evil, your all sufficient love

Destroys it with peace, generously sent from Heaven above


Lord you are hope as I grow weary and death looks me in the face

Holding me in the straight and narrow to finish my great race

When I tire and prostrate fall, your grace will my goal define

For your gentle arms will carry me across life’s great finish line


Lord you will bring me to Heaven for your blood insures my fate

Leading me down the golden road, opening that great pearly gate

There in peace and beauty undefiled, a mansion you did prepare

Making me part of Paradise, always to live in your tender care


Lord some we love are left behind as this world we depart

Please keep your saving love alive deep within their heart

 Give them peace below while above we patiently abide

Until we are all united in Heaven to be forever by your side