*6. All about Jesus; His Birth, Physical Death, and Resurrection


This is the greatest love story ever told. Our Heavenly Father love was so great for us that He sent down His only Son to die for our sins. The Son loved us so much that He was willing to become man, Jesus, be born of a virgin woman, live a sinless life, then be tortured and crucified for the atonement of our sins, so all of our sins could be forgiven. He even endured the pain of Hell for us, and then rose again from the dead, like all believers will when Jesus comes again. The Holy Spirit loved us so much that He conceived Jesus in a woman’s womb, anointed Him as our prophet, priest, and King, gave Him strength while on earth, and resurrected Jesus from the grave. 


Jesus Born Tishri 10 5BC – Died Nisan 14 30AD


Jesus the Firstborn

Christmas; God Becomes Man in Mary’s Womb - Updated 12/7/19  

The Son of God became Jesus, when Holy Spirit impregnated Him in Mary’s womb

Around Christmas Day over 2024 years ago in 6BC (6BC to 2019AD -1yr crossing 0 = 2024)  


Jesus Birth; The True Story from God’s Word  Updated 12/8/19

Jesus born on Day of Atonement Tishri 10, 5BC (Sept/Oct) our time)


Jesus Gave His Life


Outline How Jesus Spiritually Atoned For Sin 4/8/20


What Spiritually Happened on the Cross


Day of Atonement; Passover; 1st Fruits


Death and Resurrection of Jesus --- Extra verses for it


Specifics Death and Resurrection of Jesus


Resurrection Week: 7 Days Salvation Completed