Brief Outline; When Christís Saving Grace Was Received

How God implemented His plan of salvation to make us His children


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*Worst 23 hours ever on the Earth; Passover Day Friday Nissan 14 30AD: Jesus was crucified on a cross, since He lived a sinless life, He could not physically die until our sins were laid upon Him as He hung on the cross (9). Then Jesusí human spiritual being (soul and spirit) became sinful, descended to Hades (10); until His Father accepted Jesusí sacrifice. Then He descended to Tartarus in Abyss, deposited all sins we will ever commit, to azazel, his demons there (11).



*2nd Best ending for a day ever, why we call Friday Nissan 14 30AD Good Friday: After Jesus deposited all the sins we will ever commit in Tartarus; He proclaimed His victory over death to the demons there (13). Without our sins, Jesus human spiritual being was holy once more, and with all the spiritual beings of faithful in Abrahamís Bosom following Him up (14); He ascended into Heaven as first fruits to His Father. 1st human to die, have His spiritual being enter Heaven (15); while on earth His body was put in His tomb. Jesus presented His sacrificial offering in Godís Temple in Heaven (16), so all the spiritual beings in Abrahamís Bosom following Jesus could become holy, come into Heaven; for every gift of salvation would always be first for the Jew, than the Gentile (17). Just before the day ended, the spiritual being of thief on the cross, who died after Jesus did (18), came into Heaven as Jesus promised (19). This is the 2nd best ending day ever on earth; for now our spiritual being can become holy, come to Godís Kingdom in Heaven if we physically die on earth (20).



*Best day ever was First Fruits/Resurrection Sunday Nissan 16 30AD; when Jesus human spiritual being came down from Heaven with the Holy Spirit, and either in clouds over Heaven or in Jesus tomb on earth; the Holy Spirit resurrected Jesus dead body, glorified it, then reunited it with Jesus spiritual being (21), giving His body life once more. Jesus is alive (22)!! Jesus is the first fruits, the 1st to receive an eternal glorified body (23). Early that same morning 2 unnamed women who followed Jesus were the first to see Him alive again, later that day Mary Magdalene, then2 men traveling to Emmaus and Peter visit with the resurrected Jesus in a spiritual glorified body (24). Later on Resurrection Sunday just before evening, Jesus appeared to some of His disciples and followers; gave them the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (25). They were now spiritually one with Jesus, and in Him would come spiritually into Heaven while still living on earth; gifts always given 1st to the Jew then the Gentile (25a). For 40 days Jesus only taught the Jews/Israel about the truths of His atoning grace, which was offered 1st to the Jews then later to the Gentiles (26).





*50 days later on Feast of Weeks/Pentecost Sunday Sivan 7 30AD gifts of the Spirit first were given to Jesus disciples; 1st to the Jew then Gentile (29). The indwelling/gifts of Spirit then given to all faithful Jews/Israel who accepted Jesus. 5 years later the indwelling of Holy Spirit was 1st given to Gentiles, to Cornelius (proselyte believer) and his family after Peter told them about Jesus. Yet The Jewish apostles and believers still would not bring the Gospel to the Gentles, but only to the Jews/Israel (30).


*7 years later around 42 AD the indwelling/gifts of Holy Spirit was first generally given to the Gentiles; in Antioch by unknown believers. Believers here were the first to be called Christians, wanted to be distinguished from the disciples, who still observed many Old Covenant ceremonial laws (31). Then Paul, who called by Jesus to bring the gospel to the Gentiles, brought the gospel along with other apostles, evangelists, to the Gentile world. Now all who give up our human will, follow Jesus, and accept the Holy Spirit into our hearts; have our sins forgiven by Jesusí atoning sacrifice on Good Friday. Are assured we will be given glorified spiritual bodies as Jesus was given on Resurrection Sunday, when our Jesus returns to take us home to be with Him eternally.

*For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christwho will transform our lowly body that it

may be conformed to His glorious body, according to the working by which He is able even to subdue all things to Himself. Phil 3:20-21 NKJV+




Birth-Death-Resurrection of Jesus




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