*6. End Times

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Parable 10 Virgins: Final Test

Be Prepared go through the great

tribulation of beast/antichrist/man of sin


When Believers Receive Glorified Bodies

First fruits then 1st for Jews then Gentiles; 5 times glorified body given

 In 4 Resurrections; 3 times without dying: 5th resurrection 2nd death


2020 year of Uniting; Decision; Separation


beast/antichrist/man of sin; Demon Possessed Jewish Man 11/21/19

1st fruits, 1st for Jews, then all the Faithful/Believers


Jewish Feasts Show God’s plan of Salvation

Until God’s New Heaven and Earth


Israel Will Always Be a Nation

2Thess 2:1-4 dispels replacement and pretribulation theories


Tribulation; Jesus Returns; God’s Wrath

Verses which explain the seals-trumpets-bowls; many misconceptions about them


The 7 Seals; 7 Trumpets; 7 Bowls God’s Wrath

Jesus 3½ years; 2 prophets 3½ years; antichrist 3½ years


Three; 3½ Year Periods before Jesus Returns   


Older messages from this topic have been updated in God’s 7 Kingdoms F. thru J.


Are in 18. Older Messages and below

Still have good verses in them


Where We Are in End Times


The Jewish Revival

Jewish nations return to the land of Israel fulfills many prophesies


The antichrist

The beast/antichrist/man of sin


The Gathering (Rapture)

Believers given glorified bodies



Always be tribulation, then 3½ yrs. great tribulation


Be Prepared

Jesus returns after antichrist’s reign


Brief Introduction to Tribulation

What tribulation is, what wrath is