Chart of When Believers Receive Glorified Bodies - For Verses

Believer after Jesus died for sin; Faithful obeyed God before Jesus died; loved Jesus in His Kingdom


Order eternal glorified spiritual bodies given


Eternal Resurrections Glorified body given


Without dying; Glorified body given


Bodies Glorified


Hell/Lake of Fire





(1) *1st fruits






2 Prophets; Enoch and Elijah



(2) *1st for the Jew






144,000 tribes Israel




(1) 1st fruits 1st for Jew then Gentile





First General Resurrection Glorified bodies given.

Jesus returns with all the spiritual beings from Heaven of faithful/believers who died from the beginning, to the clouds over earth. Takes believers still alive on earth up to Him. gathering/rapture



(3) Faithful/believers who die, their spiritual being in Heaven; will be taken to clouds over earth by Jesus when he returns. There reunited to their resurrected glorified bodies.


(2) When Jesus returns He will take believers still alive on earth to clouds over earth, while glorifying their physical bodies.



Jesus takes all with a glorified body to Heaven



1. Jesus comes in power

2.Then all demons judged at

3. Jesus 1,000 year Kingdom



beast/antichrist/man of

Godís Court in 1st

over, satan defeated in


sin + false prophet


last war; cast Hell


1st cast

2nd cast

3rd cast


to Hell

to Hell

to Hell


Second General Resurrection Glorified bodies given.

When Jesus 1,000 yearKingdom over; Faithful whose spiritual beings in Heaven and Faithful alive on earth; taken to White Throne Judgment



(4) Faithful who die in Jesus 1,000 year Kingdom; their Spiritual beings in Heaven are taken to the White Throne; reunited with their resurrected glorified bodies


(3) All mortal people who obeyed God; are still alive in Jesus 1,000 year earthly Kingdom; given glorified bodies.



Come into Godís New Heaven and†† Earth



*Note: All given glorified bodies in First Resurrection when Jesus comes in clouds over earth; will live in Jesus 1,000 year Kingdom†††††††† >



on earth, which will have just ended. They will not be judged again at White Throne Judgment†††††††††††††† >



We will just be spectators, then come into >


Godís New Heaven and Earth




2nd Resurrection is 2nd Death After Jesus 1,000 year Kingdom over; unbelievers who died from beginning of world, their spiritual beings now in Hades, Unfaithful still alive on earth taken to White Throne Judgment



Fifth Resurrection is the Second Death.

All spiritual beings in Hades are reunited to their resurrected bodies from earth then judged; and cast into Hell


All mortal people still living on earth who rejected God are judged; then cast into Hell, the eternal Lake of Fire




4th cast



to Hell2nd death

in the

eternal Lake of






4 Resurrections given eternal glorified bodies



3 times without dying given Glorified bodies



5 times Glorified bodies given


4 times Hell 2nd death