F. Godís 7 Kingdoms; War of Gog; satan Thrown Out of 1st Heaven


F. without verses or diagrams: F. with verses; All without verses or diagrams; All with diagrams only


Faithful; those who followed God before Christís death - Believers; those who loved Jesus after His death


34. Now in the 5th of 7 seals, believers martyred for Jesus; awaiting events which initiate 6th seal, War of Gog


35. War of Gog; US wonít help Israel; God alone saves Israel from Russia, Turkey, Iran, other Muslim nations


36. Israel will control Jerusalem; build Godís new Temple there. Jesus wonít gather/rapture believers to Him

until beast/antichrist/man of sin says he is god in Godís new Temple at Jerusalem. All believers living on earth

will not be gathered/raptured up, they will go through beast/antichrist/man of sinyears of great tribulation


37. 144,000 from 12 tribes of Israel come preach Gospel to Israel; protected by God from plagues of trumpets


38. Enoch/Elijah never died, live here; descend to earth as 2 prophets/witnesses to bring Israel back to God


39. Begin set time period for last 7 years before Jesus returns in clouds over earth; no one knows day or hour


40. yrs, 1st-5th trumpets Enoch/Elijah bring Israel to God at His new Temple; put plagues any who interfere


41. 5th trumpet satan given key open Abyss; demon spirits, spirit who will possess beast(man) come to earth


42. 5th trumpet cloud demonic spirits like locust, torment earth like scorpions 5 months; but cannot kill anyone


43. Jesus becomes prince over 1st Heaven around earth (Third Kingdom); satan, all his demons thrown down

to earth; when right number of believers killed, martyred for Jesus


44. satan confined to earth, will go after Jews/Israel believers in Jerusalem; but God protects them in Petra


G. Godís 7 Kingdoms; 3Ĺ Year Reign of beast/antichrist/man of sin


G. without verses or diagrams: G. with verses; All without verses or diagrams; All with diagrams only


Faithful; those who followed God before Christís death - Believers; those who loved Jesus after His death


45. After Jewish beast(man) defeats Babylon, goes to Israel; satan gives him his throne (7 heads/horns/diadems)


46. 6th trumpet; demons from Abyss, help beast(man) defeat worldís armies to rule world, killing 1/3 people in it


47. beast (man) becomes beast/antichrist/man of sin when demon ascends to earth and spiritually possess him


48. Godís court starts beast/antichrist/man of sin year reign; he blasphemes God in His Temple at Jerusalem


49. God deludes all heard about Jesus did not accept him, to obey beast/antichrist/man of sin, take his mark


49a. God saves fleeing Jew/Israel believers of Judea in Petra; from beast/antichrist/man of sin, satanís attack.


50. years of Enoch/Elijah to witness are over; beast/antichrist/man of sin kills these 2 prophets/witnesses


51. Enoch/Elijah first after Jesus; to die, ascend to 2nd Heaven with glorified bodies; 1st Jew, then Gentile


52. 144,000 firstfruits; first without dying ascend into 2nd Heaven in glorified bodies; 1st Jew, then Gentile


53. In glorified spiritual bodies; Enoch/Elijah after dying, then 144,000 servants without dying go 2nd Heaven


54. During beast/antichrist/man of sin yr reign, will be more tribulation, killing; than world has, will ever see.

Anyone not worship him as god, not take his mark; killed or starved to death (canít buy or sell without mark)


55. When beast/antichrist/man of sin year reign is over; Godís court will take away his power, destroy it forever.


56. Earth (Fourth Kingdom) becomes Kingdom of God, Jesus at 7th trumpet; rule beast/antichrist/man of sin ends


H. Godís 7 Kingdoms; Jesus Returns for Us; Establishes His Kingdom on Earth 7/10/20


H. without verses or diagrams: H. with verses; All without verses or diagrams; All with diagrams only


Faithful; those who followed God before Christís death - Believers; those who loved Jesus after His death


57. 7th trumpet Jesus returns with all believersí spiritual beings here to the clouds over earth in 1st Heaven


58 Jesus resurrects believersí dead bodies, takes them with believers living on earth to clouds in 1st heaven


59. Jesus gives glorified bodies to resurrected bodies, living believersí bodies He brings to clouds over earth


60. Jesus then takes all given glorified bodies in clouds over earth to be with Him in 2nd Heaven/Paradise


61. Jesus judges our works determining our status/place in Jesus 1,000 yr Kingdom, Godís New Heaven/Earth


62 Jesus celebrates Wedding Supper of Lamb with believers; as God begins pouring 30 days of wrath on earth


63. God pours out His 7 bowels of wrath for 30 days on all unbelievers; who are the only ones left on earth


64 Godís 30 days wrath over; Jesus comes earth v in power with His saints to establish His Kingdom in 45 days


65. Jesus comes with fury; defeats army of satan, beast/antichrist/man of sin, false prophet at Armageddon††


66. Hell/Lake of Fire (Seventh Kingdom); created by God for satan and his angels (demons)


66a. beast/antichrist/man of sin-false prophet will be 1st cast to Hell/Lake of Fire; 1st for Jew, then Gentile


67. Jesus binds satan in Tartarus; after 1,000 yrs satan released, starts/loses final war against God on earth


68. Jesus judges all people on earth, those call on Jesus name when He comes, enter into His earthly Kingdom


69. Jesus now judge in Godís Court, 24 faithful/believers in glorified bodies are the jury, replacing angels.

All angelic beings, demons, all spiritual beings of mortal people living in Jesus Kingdom if they die judged here.


70. All satanís demons from beginning judged in Godís Court, 24 faithful/believers as jury; then cast to hell


70a. angels who disobeyed God, became satanís demons will be the 2nd cast eternally into Hell/Lake of Fire


I. Godís 7 Kingdoms; Jesusí 1,000 Year Kingdom on Earth; satan Thrown in Hell



I. without verses or diagrams: I. with verses; All without verses or diagrams; All with diagrams only


Unbelievers who come into Jesus 1,000 year Kingdom on earth, have not been saved; they will have

physical mortal bodies which can die, will be judged to see if they can come into Godís New Heaven and Earth.


Believers in the 1st resurrection have been saved, have eternal glorified bodies which cannot die, will face no more

Judgments; will help Jesus rule over His 1,000 year Kingdom on earth, then taken to Godís New Heaven/Earth


71. In Jesus 1,000 Year Kingdom all in mortal bodies have long lives, man animals at peace, each has own house


72. Jesus will cleanse earth, make Jerusalem holy, as He begins to rule over His 1,000 year Kingdom on earth


73. All in glorified bodies will be Fatherís priests in 2nd Heaven or help Jesus rule over His Kingdom on earth


74. King David will be prince, Godís servant under King Jesus in His Kingdom; a shepherd to all mortal people


75. Mortal people not come to Jerusalem to celebrate Feast of Booths with Jesus; get no rain for their crops


76. When mortal people die, their spiritual being goes: obeyed Jesus 2nd Heaven; disobeyed Jesus Hades


76a. When any on earth in mortal body dies loving Jesus; their spiritual being (soul/spirit) comes to 2nd Heaven


76b. When any on earth in mortal body dies not loving Jesus; their spiritual being (soul/spirit) comes to Hades


77. Highways opened to bring Moslem nations to Jesus; Jewish people honored who know how to worship God


78. satan turned loose after Jesus 1,000 year Kingdom is over; goes to earth start final war against God


79. satan goes out to Magog to get army to fight war against God at Jerusalem


80. satan brings army against Jerusalem; God destroys his army, throws satan in eternal Lake of Fire/Hell


81. 3rd cast eternally into the Hell/Lake of Fire is satan


J. Godís 7 Kingdoms; White Throne Judgment; Godís New Heaven/Earth



J. without verses or diagrams: J. with verses; All without verses or diagrams; All with diagrams only


Faithful all who loved obeyed Jesus in His 1,000 year Kingdom on Earth

ALL Unfaithful/Unbelievers human spiritual beings from the beginning of the world in Hades


82. A great White Throne appears in the 3rd Heaven; 1st + 2nd Heaven, earth, Hades, Abyss; flee away, vanish†††


83. 2nd Heaven disappears: all angelic beings; any in 1st resurrection serving God in glorified bodies; believersí

spiritual beings from Jesus earthly kingdom reunited to their resurrected glorified bodies; go White Throne


84. 1st heaven disappears: angels; Godís children in glorified bodies in His Court jury; come White Throne


85. Earth disappears: all angelic beings; believers in 1st resurrection in glorified bodies; mortals alive in Jesus

Kingdom loved Him given glorified bodies, rejected Him given eternal physical bodies; go to White Throne


86. Hades disappears; spiritual beings reunited to their resurrected eternal bodies, come White Throne


87. All angelic beings and all from 1st Resurrection in glorified bodies come to White Throne as spectators


88. All alive in Jesus 1,000 year Kingdom, loved Him, given glorified bodies; come be judged at White Throne


89.All died in Jesus earthly Kingdom, loved Him, in resurrected glorified bodies come be judged White Throne


90. All alive in Jesus 1,000 yr Kingdom, rejected God, given eternal evil bodies, come be judged White Throne


91. All in Hades from beginning of world, in resurrected eternal bodies, come to be judged at White Throne


92. All from Jesus 1,000 yr Kingdom in glorified bodies, judged, rewarded according their God pleasing works


93. All who have evil eternal physical bodies judged for their sins and thrown into the Lake of Fire, Hell


94. 4th thrown into eternal Hell/Lake of Fire; all the unfaithful, unbelievers, from White Throne Judgment


95. God creates from the 3rd Heaven; a New Heaven, a New Earth; puts His New Jerusalem on His New Earth


96. All Godís children no longer divided as Jew/Gentile; all in glorified bodies taken Godís New Heaven/Earth


K. Godís 7 Kingdoms; Godís Eternal Kingdoms; New Heaven/Earth-Hell


K. without verses or diagrams: K. with verses; All without verses or diagrams; All with diagrams only


All Godís children in glorified spiritual bodies, all faithful angelic beings;

Come to live eternally with our God in His New Heaven/Earth, New Jerusalem


97. When Jesus has put everything under His feet and destroyed death, the last enemy; He will turn over all

in His Kingdom on earth to His Father. And our Heavenly Father will take us into His New Heaven and Earth


98. We will explore Godís magnificent New Heaven and Earth in our glorified spiritual bodies


99. We will be children of God, Jesus brothers and sisters; citizens of Godís New Heaven and Earth


100. Godís New Earth will be larger, will have no seas; Godís glory will be its light, there will no longer be night


101. Godís New Earth will be our eternal home; its beauty beyond our human comprehension


102. Godís New Jerusalem, with His astonishing New Temple; will be the prominent city on Godís New Earth


103. God will dwell with us in His eternal New Kingdoms, wipe every tear from our eyes; death, pain, sorrow,

will be no more. We will live in complete happiness, joy; drink from River of Life, eat from the Tree of Life


104. Jesus is coming quickly; whether when we physically die, or He returns in the clouds over earth to give

us glorified bodies, and take us home to be with Him. When His 1,000 year Kingdom is completed, we will come

into our Godís New Heaven and Earth; to eternally live with our Heavenly Father, our brother Jesus, and the

Holy Spirit. Together with all our brothers/sisters in Christ, all in our family who love our God above all things.


105. Hell/Lake of Fire will be isolated and only be seen by God and His angels


Chart of When Believers Receive Glorified Bodies - For Verses

Believer after Jesus died for sin; Faithful obeyed God before Jesus died; loved Jesus in His Kingdom


Order eternal glorified spiritual bodies given


Eternal Resurrections Glorified body given


Without dying; Glorified body given


Bodies Glorified


Hell/Lake of Fire





(1) *1st fruits






2 Prophets; Enoch and Elijah



(2) *1st for the Jew






144,000 tribes Israel




(1) 1st fruits 1st for Jew then Gentile





First General Resurrection Glorified bodies given.

Jesus returns with all the spiritual beings from Heaven of faithful/believers who died from the beginning, to the clouds over earth. Takes believers still alive on earth up to Him. gathering/rapture



(3) Faithful/believers who die, their spiritual being in Heaven; will be taken to clouds over earth by Jesus when he returns. There reunited to their resurrected glorified bodies.


(2) When Jesus returns He will take believers still alive on earth to clouds over earth, while glorifying their physical bodies.



Jesus takes all with a glorified body to Heaven



1. Jesus comes in power

2.Then all demons judged at

3. Jesus 1,000 year Kingdom



beast/antichrist/man of

Godís Court in 1st

over, satan defeated in


sin + false prophet


last war; cast Hell


1st cast

2nd cast

3rd cast


to Hell

to Hell

to Hell


Second General Resurrection Glorified bodies given.

When Jesus 1,000 yearKingdom over; Faithful whose spiritual beings in Heaven and Faithful alive on earth; taken to White Throne Judgment



(4) Faithful who die in Jesus 1,000 year Kingdom; their Spiritual beings in Heaven are taken to the White Throne; reunited with their resurrected glorified bodies


(3) All mortal people who obeyed God; are still alive in Jesus 1,000 year earthly Kingdom; given glorified bodies.



Come into Godís New Heaven and†† Earth



*Note: All given glorified bodies in First Resurrection when Jesus comes in clouds over earth; will live in Jesus 1,000 year Kingdom†††††††† >



on earth, which will have just ended. They will not be judged again at White Throne Judgment†††††††††††††† >



We will just be spectators, then come into >


Godís New Heaven and Earth




2nd Resurrection is 2nd Death After Jesus 1,000 year Kingdom over; unbelievers who died from beginning of world, their spiritual beings now in Hades, Unfaithful still alive on earth taken to White Throne Judgment



Fifth Resurrection is the Second Death.

All spiritual beings in Hades are reunited to their resurrected bodies from earth then judged; and cast into Hell


All mortal people still living on earth who rejected God are judged; then cast into Hell, the eternal Lake of Fire




4th cast



to Hell2nd death

in the

eternal Lake of






4 Resurrections given eternal glorified bodies



3 times without dying given Glorified bodies



5 times Glorified bodies given


4 times Hell 2nd death






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