Godís 7 Kingdoms to Save Us, Make Us His Children; without verses and diagrams


Understanding Disciplines to study Bible Ė Who Our God Is - our soul/spirit - our physical being body/mind


Faithful; all followed God before Christís death - Believers; all loved Jesus after His death


#Intro God Designed 7 Kingdoms, Heavens Created


God wanted children to love, who would love Him back, obey His commands; become His holy children and live

eternally with Him. God foreknew before He created our universe and all in it, that when He gave angelic

beings, men and women a free will so they could chose Him as their God; this free will would cause them to

disobey Him and sin. Foreknew His Son had to become a man, to die for the sins of those God foreknew would

love Him, become His children. So God designed a plan to save us before He created a universe, anything in it.


Outline of 3 spiritual, 4 physical Kingdoms God uses over 7,000 years; to make faithful/believers His children


There are 3 Heavenly Spiritual Kingdoms God uses in His plan to save us, make us His holy children.

God took Paulís spiritual being (soul, spirit) out of His physical body to show Paul His 3 Heavenly Kingdoms.

Paul named these Heavenly Kingdoms in the order his spiritual being passed through them from earth; we still

use these names. Yet the 3rd Heaven is really the 1st Kingdom, where God has always existed, will always exist.


Only Johnís spiritual being was also taken into the 3rd Heaven while he lived on earth. God revealed to John

His New Jerusalem in the 3rd Heaven, His 2 new creations yet to come, New Heaven/Earth, Hell/Lake of Fire.


(1) 3rd Heaven (First Kingdom) too big to imagine; always holy (sin never occurs here), always been, will always

exist with 2 eternal kingdoms God will later create within 3rd Kingdom. Hell for satan, his demons, all physical

unfaithful/unbelievers who ever lived; Godís Holy New Heaven/Earth for all His children who ever lived. satan

later takes sin into 2nd Heaven, 1st heaven over earth, earth; so they must pass away. Here our Father designs

creation before it even exists; when He will rule, when His Son will rule over it. New Jerusalem is located here


(2) 2nd Heaven (Second Kingdom); Godís 1st creation is His holy Spiritual Kingdom, with Temple on Mount Zion;

for angels to worship Him, watch Him create earth/people, help with Godís plan to save us. Here satan will

commit 1st sin. After Jesus died for sin, faithful/believersí spiritual beings come here when our body dies


(3.) 1st Heaven around earth (Third Kingdom); God created a Holy heaven over the earth, so the sun and

moon could give us light; physical mankind was to have control over this kingdom, the birds who flew in it.


4 Physical kingdoms


(4.) Earth (Fourth Kingdom): God designed earth as holy physical kingdom for holy physical men/women to live


4a. God designed spiritual chasm between Godís Rest/Abrahamís Bosom and Bottomless Pit; separating them


4b. God designed a Bottomless Pit in earth, with a super-hot furnace under it; to hold Hades and the Abyss


(5.) Hades (Fifth Kingdom) God designed it in highest part of pit, with least heat of torment; to hold all the

unfaithful/unbelievers spiritual beings, when their physical body dies. Until White Throne Judgment, then Hell


(6.) Abyss (Sixth Kingdom) God designed it in middle part of pit, with severe heat of torment. Holds unruly

demonic spirits, who are turned out in 6th trumpet, cast into Tartarus with satan; later judged, cast into Hell.


Tartarus God designed a prison in Abyss, in lowest part of pit with worst heat torment; to hold most vile

demons in chains. Angels like azazel, who became demons when married human women, had children with them;

who were giants. They are turned out in 6th trumpet, cast into Tartarus with satan, later judged, cast into Hell


(7.) Hell/Lake of Fire (Seventh Kingdom); God designed everlasting place of torment, be created when Christ

defeats beast/antichrist/man of sin, false prophet; who are 1st cast here. After Christís 1,000 year Kingdom,

satan cast here; then demons in Abyss judged, cast here. At White Throne Judgment all unbelievers living, all

unbelieversí spiritual beings in Hades reunited to their resurrected bodies; cast here. Hells location unknown.


# A. Man Created to Awaiting Jesus;


1. Godís Holy Spiritual Kingdom; where God sits on His moveable Throne, in His Temple on Mount Zion


2. 1st Heaven around earth (Third Kingdom); God created a Holy heaven over the earth, made the

sun and moon to give us light; physical mankind was to have control over it, the birds who flew in it.


2a. When satan commits 1st sin in 2nd Heaven, God casts him down to 1st heaven and earth, making these kingdoms

unholy as satan brings sin into them. God made satan prince over 1st heaven after Adam/Eve sinned on earth.


3. Godís Court: God judge, 24 angels jury, Lordís Angel faithfulís Advocate, satan accuser; here all angelic/human

spiritual beings judged. Court in unholy 1st heaven; for unholy angelic/human spiritual beings, unholy accuser satan

canít enter Godís holy 2nd Heaven. Angelic beings who sin, become demons; some cast to Abyss. Until Jesus died for

sin spiritual being; of faithful went to Godís Rest/Abrahamís Bosom, of unfaithful cast to Hades. After Jesus died

for sin He replaced Lordís Angel as Advocate; now if believers die our spiritual beings come directly into 2nd Heaven


4. Godís Rest/Abrahamís Bosom: When faithful died, their spiritual beings came here, from Adam (obedience) to

Abraham (circumcision) to Moses (ceremonial laws) to Jesus death. After Jesus died He took them into 2nd Heaven


4a. Enoch + Elijah never physically died; live here in their physical bodies, will return as the 2 Prophets/Witnesses


5. Earth (Fourth Kingdom): God created earth; foliage, animals, birds on it. Then created a holy physical

man and woman with an eternal spiritual being (soul and spirit), to rule over 1st heaven/earth, populate it


5a. satan sinned in 2nd Heaven, cast to earth making it sinful. Then Adam sinned, chose Eve over God, let

Eve sin; eat fruit God told them not to eat, then ate it with her. God cursed Adam/Eve; He must work

then die, his original sin inherited by all people, as all can die. Eve would desire men, bare children in pain


5b God made satan prince over unholy 1st heaven/earth; after Adam/Eve sinned, brought sin to all people


6. God created 1 race of people, 2 groups; Israel/Jews and Gentiles. Israel was Godís chosen people, His Son

made man through them. Godís gifts of salvation or punishment will always be 1st for Jews then Gentiles


7. Unholy spiritual beings here, see holy spiritual beings in Godís Rest; as Rest is insatanís unholy domain

in 1st heaven. No unholy spiritual beings or physical beings can come/look/ hear into Godís holy 2nd Heaven


# B. Jesusí Birth (5BC) to His Death on the Cross


8. Holy Spirit impregnated virgin Mary; Godís Son made man, Son of God/Son of Man; born Tishri 10, 5BC


8a. Jesus lived in obscurity till He was 30, then baptized by John; made righteous to begin His ministry


8b. Jesus was the 1st fruits; 1st human spiritual being anointed by His Father with the indwelling of the

Holy Spirit. Jesusí human spiritual being 1st enter into Godís Kingdom in 2nd Heaven while He lived on earth.


9. Jesus was crucified Nisan 14 30AD; His body died on cross as all the worldís sins were laid upon Him.

For no human body can die unless sinful; His body was buried in tomb before the day ended at sundown.


10. Because Jesusí human spiritual being now carried our sins; He descended to the torment of Hades


11. Jesus human spiritual being punished until God accepted His sacrifice; then descended to Tartarus


12. Jesus was the Scapegoat, brought the worldís sins He carried to azazel, other demonsin Tartarus;

the prison of the Abyss. He deposited all the worldís sins in the most solitary, uninhabited land there is.


# C. Jesusí Spiritual Being Ascends into 2nd Heaven


13. After Jesusí spiritual being gave all our sins to demons here, He proclaimed victory over death. Without

our sins, His spiritual being became holy once more; so His spiritual being could ascend into the 2nd Heaven


14.After Jesus died for sin; all spiritual beings of faithful here were made holy; followed Jesus up to 2nd Heaven

Enoch + Elijah never physically died; live here in their physical bodies, will return as the 2 Prophets/Witnesses


15. Jesus firstborn/firstfruits; 1st human spiritual being to enter into 2nd Heaven after His physical body died


16. Jesus entered into the most Holy Place in Godís Temple in the 2nd Heaven; to redeem us from our sins


17. All spiritual beings in Abrahamís Bosom entered 2nd Heaven by Christís grace; 1st for Jew, then Gentile


18. Jesus kept His word, took spiritual being of thief on cross on day both died; up to 2nd Heaven/Paradise.

Thief believed in Jesus, died after Jesus had died to atone for sin; which made criminalís spiritual being holy


19. Criminalís spiritual being welcomed into 2nd Heaven by Jesus on Passover Day; day they were crucified


20. Now believersí spiritual beings taken directly to 2nd Heaven/Paradise when our bodies die; they live here

until Jesus brings them to the clouds over earth; joins them with our resurrected, eternal, glorified bodies


# D. Jesusí Body Resurrected/Glorified; Heís Alive


21. On Resurrection Sunday/Easter; Jesusí spiritual being descends from the 2nd Heaven with the Holy Spirit.

And either in the clouds over earth (where saintsí bodies will be resurrected) or Jesusí tomb on earth;

the Holy Spirit reunites Jesusí human spiritual being to His resurrected, glorified spiritual body from tomb


22. Jesusí body had been in His tomb 3 days, but now the tomb was empty. Jesusí body had been resurrected

by the Holy Spirit and glorified; before His body had any decay, as promised by His Father. Jesus is alive!


23. Resurrection Sunday Nisan 16, 30 AD, day of Firstfruits (Reshit Katzir); Jesus presented as first fruits

to His Father. He was the firstborn; 1st resurrected from the dead and given an eternal glorified body.


24. Resurrection Sunday; Jesus 1st appeared to 2 women; 2nd Mary Magdalene; 3rd men on Emmaus Road, Peter


25. Later on Resurrection Day; Jesus appeared to some of His disciples; gave them indwelling of Holy Spirit


25a. Disciples spiritual beings; 1st after Jesus come into 2nd Kingdom, while they lived on earth; 1st Jew then Gentile


26. For 40 days on earth Jesus taught the truths of His grace only to Jews/Israel. 1st for Jew then Gentile


#E Jesus Resurrected/Glorified Body goes 2nd Heaven


27. Jesus taught His disciples for 40 days after Resurrection Sunday; then He ascended into the 2nd Heaven


28. Now Jesus sits at right hand of His Father who pours out the promised Holy Spirit on faithful/believers


28a. Jesus is our Advocate after He ascended 2nd Heaven; replaced Lordís Angel, satan still our accuser. If we die;

spiritual beings faithful/believers go to 2nd Heaven, unfaithful/unbelievers to Hades. Disruptive demons sent to Abyss


29. 50 days after Jesus Resurrection on Feast of Weeks/Pentecost Iyar 22, 30AD; gifts of Spirit given to

disciples, 1st for Jew then Gentile. Indwelling/gifts of Spirit given faithful Jews/Israel who accepted Jesus.


30. 5 yrs later 35AD Holy Spirit 1st given Gentiles (Cornelius); yet Peter/apostles did not reach out to Gentiles


31. 7 years later 42 AD, Holy Spirit given to Gentiles in Antioch by unknown believers. 1st called Christian here

to distinguish themselves from disciples. Then Saul/Paul with apostles/evangelists brought gospel to Gentiles


32. After Jesus died in 30AD, God gave faithful of Israel/Jews 40 year transition period to believe in Jesus

as their God/Savior. Ended 70AD; Jerusalem Temple destroyed, ending faithfulís ceremonial sacrifices for sin


33. Now if any die, the spiritual beings; of only believers go directly to the 2nd Heaven, all others go to Hades





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