I. Godís 7 Kingdoms; Jesusí 1,000 Year Kingdom on Earth; satan Thrown in Hell



I. without verses or diagrams: I. with verses; All without verses or diagrams; All with diagrams only


Understanding spiritual being (soul and spirit) physical being (body and mind)


Unbelievers who come into Jesus 1,000 year Kingdom on earth, have not been saved; they will have

physical mortal bodies which can die, will be judged to see if they can come into Godís New Heaven and Earth.


Believers in the 1st resurrection have been saved, have eternal glorified bodies which cannot die, will face no more

Judgments; will help Jesus rule over His 1,000 year Kingdom on earth, then taken to Godís New Heaven/Earth


Begin Earth 71-76; 2nd Heaven 76a; Hades 76b; Earth 77


Tartarus 78; Earth 79-80; Hell 81


71. In Jesus 1,000 Year Kingdom all in mortal bodies have long lives, man animals at peace, each has own house


72. Jesus will cleanse earth, make Jerusalem holy, as He begins to rule over His 1,000 year Kingdom on earth


73. All in glorified bodies will be Fatherís priests in 2nd Heaven or help Jesus rule over His Kingdom on earth


74. King David will be prince, Godís servant under King Jesus in His Kingdom; a shepherd to all mortal people


75. Mortal people not come to Jerusalem to celebrate Feast of Booths with Jesus; get no rain for their crops


76. When mortal people die, their spiritual being goes: obeyed Jesus 2nd Heaven; disobeyed Jesus Hades


76a. When any on earth in mortal body dies loving Jesus; their spiritual being (soul/spirit) comes to 2nd Heaven


76b. When any on earth in mortal body dies not loving Jesus; their spiritual being (soul/spirit) comes to Hades


77. Highways opened to bring Moslem nations to Jesus; Jewish people honored who know how to worship God


78. satan turned loose after Jesus 1,000 year Kingdom is over; goes to earth start final war against God


79. satan goes out to Magog to get army to fight war against God at Jerusalem


80. satan brings army against Jerusalem; God destroys his army, throws satan in eternal Lake of Fire/Hell


81. 3rd cast eternally into the Hell/Lake of Fire is satan


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