Truth In Our Lives



God tells only the truth, He cannot lie.

We must live in truth, be sanctified by the truth when we fail, for we will all lie.

And only those who accept the truth will enter the Kingdom of Heaven


Truth guides us in our everyday lives, and keeps us in the family of God. Our Heavenly Father told us not to lie, lying is a sin. Yet the number of lies told by average individuals in a research study was over 7 lies an hour. Lies are constantly made in business, social, personal, family, and even religious situations. We also lie to ourselves, trying to make right that which we know is wrong, feel is untruthful within our hearts. Attempting to justify those lies which will give us an excuse for what we have done, what we want to do. If we continually hear the lie portrayed as the truth, or constantly try to justify the lie within our own thoughts, we reach the point where we accept the lie, believe the lie, and it replaces the truth in our minds. Without truth one cannot discern right from wrong, know where they are heading, be certain they are following Jesus. We must continually seek the Spirit to guide us through Godís Word, so we may walk in the light of the truth.


*We must face our lies:

1. We lie when we exaggerate the truth, we lie when we try to spin, avoid, or twist the intent of the truth. We must simply tell the whole truth as it was intended to be conveyed.

2. We should not spread lies, slander others, nor confirm the lies of the world, of the crowds, of any. But come forward and testify to the truth, without partiality, treating everyone the same, whether rich, poor, famous or unknown.


Satan, the father of all lies, is craftily trying to adopt the world as his children, and too many are accepting his invitation.

It is easy to stray into Satanís world of deceit, too easy to be bewitched by the fantasies he spins, to believe the delusions he creates. Satan keeps creating lies that seem proper, rational, appealing, needed, part of everyday life. He keeps trying to seduce believers who have resisted his many other falsehoods. Some of his lies now being accepted by the secular world are as following:

# Truth is an old fashion concept, telling the complete truth is no longer a virtue. Instead one should lie if it makes others feel better.

# If one gets what they want in the end, the means by which it is obtained are justified, even if a few little lies have to be told.

# Truth should be used sparingly, be mixed with lies, twisted, and spun, because a lie can be a better solution than the truth.

# Lies can help one obtain the power, riches, and pleasures they deserve. Lies that are self-serving, are not always bad.

# Lies can be essential, they must be used by some to merely exist and survive. Lies used for self preservation are a necessity.

# Absolute truth is no longer needed, for truth can have many different meanings depending on how one perceives it.

# Lies preserve our ego, our pride, our stature, for we should not have to always admit when we are wrong and look like a fool.

Truth is the only antidote that can preserve us from being deceived by these lies, from committing them. Truth allows one to resist the evil thoughts and desires surrounding us. Truth alone allows us to hear only our Good Shepherdís voice, as Jesus guides and keeps us in His tender loving care.


*We must realize lying is evil:

1. We must believe, accept, and know there is right or wrong, there is good and evil, there are truths and lies.

2. There is not a little innocent lie. All lies are evil whether we consider them a big fat lie, or a little white lie. When we are around evil it grows on us, we soon become part of it, and if we donít get away from it we will be devoured by it. If we continuously lie, we soon live a lie, and if we donít change we will die a lie.

3. We must keep the intent in our hearts truthful in everything we do or say. We should not deem ourselves truthful merely because we are more honest than almost everyone we know, nor because we are honest almost all of the time, especially on important matters. For our Heavenly Father does not compare us to other people and almost is not acceptable to Him. Our Father knows whether His truths are in our hearts, how much we love Him, how much we love others, whether we follow His commands, including telling the truth. And when we fall short Jesus will forgive the sins of those who freely admit their sins, including the lies we too often tell.


The people of the world have been overwhelmed by their own lies, many consciences have become dead to right or wrong, many thoughts are void of any reality or truth, many are unaware of the lies that continually spew out of their mouths. Society is only too anxious to believe the lies they desire to hear, live the lies which give them worldly gain. The vast majority of the world is devoid of the moral strength needed to withstand the evil wonders, the lies, which Satan will orchestrate upon the world in the end times. We must all pray, work towards bringing the truth of the Gospels to all people, so they may meet Jesus before it is too late, before the Spirit is taken away from them. Truth in love is needed throughout the world, within our Christian families, within our own families, within our marriages, within our own thoughts, in our own words. Truth in love is needed in everything that is said or done.


*We must realize accepting lies, telling lies becomes a habit. We must verify what we believe, monitor what we say:

1. We must make sure what we believe, think, confer, or say is true and factual. We should not accept concepts or ideas merely because important people are saying them, because many people are repeating them, because they are on television or radio. We should not accept something to be true because it sounds reasonable, because we want to believe it, or because it can make our lives easier, more pleasurable for us. We should seek the truth, only acknowledge that which we know to be the truth. Then our lips should only repeat these truths.

2. We can let the truth be known in different ways. We should always tell the truth, but also let our lives, our actions show that we are Christians, that we believe in the truth, that we walk in the truth.


The only place to obtain the truth is in Godís Word. The only way we can be filled with the truth is through our Counselor, the Spirit of Truth. Truth sets us free from sin, keeps us in the family of God.




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Copyright 2009 by Ron Borkey