God Knows All


Our Heavenly Father wants all to love Him, all to become His Children, all to live in Paradise with Him forever. Our Father sends the Holy Spirit to bring us into His tender care. The problem is our human nature makes it hard for us to submit to our Godís will. It is much easier to follow our human desires, to rationalize as good that what we want to do, instead of being receptive to the Spirit. Always let the Spirit come into your heart, never turn Him away. Then follow Him all the days of your life.


There is only one way we can love our God above all else, desire to be children His children, obey His commands, and that is by having a free will, having a choice. If man and woman did not have a free will, Adam and Eve would not have been able to sin, would not have been allowed to sin. And once sin was in the world all people were born in sin, were exposed to sin, live in sin, and are overcome by sin. Our Heavenly Father did not put restrictions on our free will even though He knew Jesus would have to become man and die as atonement for our sins. Our free will nailed Jesus on the cross, made Him offer His blood for our sins, the sins our free will would entice us to commit. Jesus is the Son of God, He became man to atone for our sins, Jesus was both God and man. As a man Jesus had a free will, had choices, but committed no sin, even though tempted directly by Satan. Jesus also submitted His human will to that of His Fatherís will in going to the cross. God gave all people a free will, gave us all a choice. We can continue to live in sin within the confines of our own mind, a mind that can not even comprehend our Lord. Or we can accept the Holy Spirit, let Him come into our hearts, let the Spirit rule over our humanistic minds, show us the Lord. Our Heavenly Father offers the Holy Spirit to all that ask, we alone have the free will to accept or reject the Spirit. And rejecting the Spirit is the only unforgivable sin, for without the Spirit we will never be able to know our Savior.


Our God is all knowing. Our Heavenly Father knew from the beginning, before the world was created, who would love Him and who would not, who would accept Him and who would reject him. A hard concept to understand is that God knows everything from the beginning to the end, but there is no end. God knows what is going to happen tomorrow, a 100 of years from now, a trillion years from now. Only there will be more than trillion years, for with God there is no time, only forever. God knows what is going to happen forever. Our Lord knew who would be His children, who would be in Heaven with Him forever, from the beginning, before creation.


The Lord knew what each one of us would do with our lives before the creation of the world. Those who would believe were predestined in the Lordís plan to be children of God before the beginning of time. Our Heavenly Father knew who would accept Him, who would follow Him, who would carry out His work on earth out of love for Him. He chose us not only to be His children, but to do the specific works He had planned for us, before the world began. The Lord has the right to His own plan, He is the potter we are the clay. The Lordís ways are not always our ways and we must always submit to His will.But the Lord will guide us, sometimes with a gentle nudge, sometimes with a hard wake up call. The Spirit will give special gifts to enable us to do the specific works our Savior had planned for us to do before the beginning of creation. Believers will be given the faith and power to accomplish that which our Lord has planned for us to do. But all people have the free will to follow the Spirit and do the Lordís work, or follow their own sinful nature.


God alone save us, alone knows whose names have been written in the Book of Life from the beginning, alone knows who will accept Him in their hearts. We alone have the free will, the choice, to accept the grace of Jesus that leads to eternal life in Heaven, or reject our God and be cast away from Him into the torment of Hell. When Jesus comes knocking on the door to your heart, let Him in. This may be the last chance you have to meet your loving Savior.




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