Our Spirituality



We have learned in Godís Plan of Creation that we have a spirit, soul, body and mind. Our spirit and soul were created in the image of God, holy, and in the likeness of God, eternal spiritual beings. Our bodies and minds were a new creation which were holy, but never made eternal. When the first man and woman sinned their total self, spirit, soul, body, and mind, were no longer holy, no more could they live in the presence of God. Our spirit and soul were destined to eternal separation from God, while our mortal bodies would end with our physical death. But our Heavenly Fatherís love for us was so great that His Son, Jesus Christ, died as atonement for our sins. Christís gift of grace allows believers to become holy once again. Our mortal bodies must die, but with physical death believerís eternal spirits and souls return home to Heaven to be with their Lord forever. And Jesus will one day return to raise up, glorify our bodies and minds so they can also live forever with our Savior in Paradise. Letís delve a little deeper into our spiritual/physical make up, to really understand who we are.

God knows who will be His own and what He will have them do before He even creates us. From the time we were conceived in the womb, to the time when we are called from this world, the Lord alone knows who will humbly love and open their hearts to Him, and those who will reject the Holy Spirit. This does not mean some are automatically saved, that they will not have to face temptations, struggles, and tests in their lives. That the chosen do not have to run the worldly race. It simply means those who allow the Holy Spirit to rule their hearts will be given the faith, the love to become spiritually one with Jesus Christ. And Christís love for us will persevere against any evil or tribulation we will ever face.

We are created when God forms us in the womb. We are created with a spiritual being as well as our physical being. Our spirit and minds are separate members of our intellect. We are conceived with sin, with a spiritual being enlightened enough to know our Lord, mature enough to know right and wrong while in the womb. That even in the womb we are spiritually capable of communicating with the Holy Spirit, and respond to the joy He brings us.

That at birth our spiritual being can be filled with the Holy Spirit, showing us the truth of our Lord. As mere infants our spirit can offer praises to our God. Praises which repel even Satan, praises which show the evil spiritual world how great our Heavenly Fathers is, how great His creation of new life is, how He is able to create a good work in a mere baby. That the Lord gives us the ability to trust Him while we are still nursing babies because the Spirit lives in our hearts.

Little children even have guardian angels in Heaven watching over them. As we grow and become young children our spiritual being still grows in faith as our human mind is not strong enough to overrule the truth within our spirit, the ability to love and accept our Lord. Jesus gives eternal blessings to little children for their faith. Young children with the Spirit are humble, believing and are one with their Savior. Jesus tells us that the love the little children had for their Lord assured Heaven belonged to them. They are even spiritually capable of comprehending through the Spirit things the scholars of the day do not understand.†† From being created by God, to growing into young children we are sanctified as believers by the Spirit and by believing parents.

As we grow older our natural human minds develop which have no spiritual wisdom and take over our spiritual being. Jesus told us we have trouble understanding worldly things, so we will not be able to grasp heavenly or spiritual truths. Our natural physical mind does not understand spiritual truths, it reasons them to be foolish. In fact our physical mind fights against spiritual truths. To come back to God we must become a new creation in Christ, we must be born again. Our spirits must become receptive to the Holy Spirit once more like we were as a young child. Only through the Holy Spirit can we find God. Only through the Holy Spirit are we taught about the spiritual truths of our great God.We will continually fight the battle of mind over our spirit. We will win this battle only with the help of our Savior and the Holy Spirit, as They sanctify us, as They hold us in the truth. We can do nothing, but with God all things are possible.



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