Leadership in The Family of God

There are no great men nor women of the Bible, there are no great evangelists, elders, ministers, or teachers in the world, there are no great congregations or Christian groups on earth. There are only those whom God does great things through. There were only two, though they were sinners, who found favor with the Lord God. Enoch and Elijah were taken home to Heaven without physically dying here on earth. The rest of mankind, no matter how great we consider some to be or have been, have all fallen short of completely pleasing our God. Adam listened to Eve, trusted his own reasoning, disobeyed God and sin was brought into the world. Abraham, the man of faith, was afraid to face a powerful king, had his wife pretend to be his sister, almost causing her to commit adultery. Moses was not a good speaker, most likely had a speech impediment, an unlikely person to talk to Pharaoh, but God used Moses to bring His people out of Egypt. Yet Moses, though he often talked with the Lord God Almighty, knew how powerful his God was, still could not follow his Heavenly Fatherís commands, was denied from entering the Promised Land. David was made a mighty king because of the faith he had in his Lord. Yet through human lust committed adultery, murdered a man, greatly displeasing his God. Solomon was given more intelligence, more knowledge than any other. But Solomon allowed his desire for pagan women rule his God given human genius, let these heathen women pull him away from his Lord. It has never been about how great we are, but how great our Lord is, what great things He can do through us, even through such a fool as I am. We can do nothing, but through God all things are possible. Our prayers should not be for great things ďIĒ can do for our God, for what I can do is not important. What is important is our ability to submit to the Lord so He can use us to spread the good news of salvation.


Jesus chose twelve men to be his disciples, twelve men with no formal religious training. For the love in oneís heart, a humble attitude is more important than being a master theologian. Jesus could have picked the most knowledgeable Pharisees of that day, those lawyers and teachers who knew the Scriptures forwards and backwards. But even with all of their human knowledge, without accepting Jesus, the Pharisees could never understand the truth in Godís Word, sought only earthly rewards. Jesus tells us that the least of all believers, those who can now receive the Spirit after Christís death on the cross, are greater than any in the Old Testament. Because the Spirit makes us one with Christ, brings us into the spiritual Kingdom of God, guides and teaches us the truth of Godís Word. Leaders are only as great as God allows them to be, can only please the Lord when they humbly follow His Word. We should choose and follow those who are guided by the love of Christ in their hearts, who are humble, willing servants of our Lord.

Following the Lord, being a Christian leader is not easy. Peter gave in to political pressure when Jesus was first arrested, denied he knew Jesus. Three times that morning Peter did not have the love, the courage to stand up for Jesus, more worried what others would think, what others would do to him. Only later when Peter was given a manifestation of the Spirit did he have the faith, the love to stand up for his Savior, die by crucifixion for his Master. Saul persecuted Christians, he tried to destroy the church of God. Not exactly what one would look for in a Christian leader. But Jesus transformed Saul, later called Paul, in the love, faith, and knowledge needed to bring the good news, the grace of Jesus Christ, to the lost. Paul always gave the credit to Jesus for sustaining Him through persecutions, beatings, and imprisonments. But even Paul had human weaknesses that he could not overcome. The Lord had to give Paul an affliction to keep him from being conceited, from feeling superior, from telling others about all the great revelations given him. Only when we acknowledge our human weaknesses, can the Lordís power be made perfect within us, can Christ make us strong.Only then is the Lord able to use us, can we accomplish what He had planned for us to do from the beginning. Christian leaders must not only have Christís love etched in their heart, but humbly let this love rule their lives. Show all around the greatness of our Saviorís love, what great things our Lordís vibrant love can do through us.
Paul was an apostle, for Jesus appeared to him. Paul was also an evangelist called to bring the Word to the gentiles, establishing new congregations of believers. Today we still need evangelists, missionaries to spread the Word to all people. They should be supported by all believers, by individual congregations. Once congregations are started they need to choose elders (also called overseers, shepherds, bishops, pastors) to lead and guide the church as a group. The elders are to be Christian fathers who are strong in their faith, their love of Jesus, who are not recent converts, but have proven their loyalty to their Lord. Elders are to be patient men who have kept their marriage vows, who have kept their children in the Lord, who are respected by all, who desire to serve the Lord. Congregations should also appoint dedicated men, deacons to assist the elders. Deacons should be men worthy of respect, who are honest, tested, have but one wife, and have managed their family well. Normal, everyday Christian fathers who are strong in the Lord need to step up, help lead local congregations as elders, as deacons. When they are competent, feel confident with the help of the Spirit, they should lead a Bible study, give a message, baptize or give the Lordís Supper. Ministering whenever and wherever they have the opportunity to talk to others about Jesus, sustain believers in their Savior.
Elders should lead the family of God with love, as servants, with respect and humility. When the congregation gathers, the elders should chose two or three in orderly fashion to speak about our great God. What each speaker says should be weighed and judged by all, to make sure it is Godís Word. For all spiritual leaders, the educationally elite, to the faithful fathers, should want all, you and me, to consider, discern what is being said, and gladly discuss it with us. They should use all the resources of the individual members within the family of God, never trying to run everything on their own, through elite groups. For each believer has a call to be a holy child of God, a call to bring the Good News to all nations, a call to help the needy, a gift from the Spirit to use.
The Christian leadersí greatest endeavor is to keep all of Godís children in the Spirit, allow the Spirit to unify all in the love of the Lord. Then use this love, this unity, in praising our God, in spreading the Word, in helping others, in helping all live holy lives as members of the family of God. Never worrying about who is the greatest or who is the least. Just using whoever can best be utilized by the Spirit to lead, teach, proclaim, administer, help, or any do any other duties to the glory of the Lord. For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.
A good Christian leader, elder, or teacher always follows in the footsteps of the Great Shepherd, Jesus. Striving to follow the example our Savior gave us including:
God is love!!! Jesus loved us enough to give His life for us, was humble enough to become man to save us. One should feel the love of Jesus, radiating through the leadersí hearts, see Christís humility in their lives. Yet a leader should use this humble love to stand up for their God at all times, never backing down from teaching the truths of His Word.
Jesus told all to spread the good news of salvation to the world, to help the poor and needy. Leaders should use everyone, for each has a gift, a purpose, is important in our Heavenly Fatherís master plan of salvation. This includes everyone from babies who perfect praise to the Lord, to sons and daughters who will prophesy and old men who will dream dreams in the last days.
Jesus will hold those who teach His Word to a higher standard, they will be judged more strictly. Christian leaders must desire to be humble servants of the Lord, of fellow believers. Teaching all of Godís Word, letting the Spirit reveal spiritual truths to us as we grow in Christ. They should be content in serving the Lord, not using their work as a means to financial gain. Be responsible for what they teach, how they live.
Jesus told us there will always be false teachers, more will appear towards the last days. Even some who have even healed in the name of the Lord, will not see the gates of Heaven. We must always use Godís Word in context to confirm what is true, that the truth is being taught.†††


The greatest in Godís Kingdom are all who humbly use the gifts our Heavenly Father has given them, to the best of their ability. They gladly do Godís work not as an obligation, but out of love for our Savior. Helping others as though they were helping Jesus himself, while never desiring any earthly glory. Though they may not be considered the greatest, the most renowned here on earth, their glory will be in Heaven. They will be astounded at the blessings awaiting them in their eternal home.

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