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Human nature gives man a suspicious will. Man believes in himself, that which he can do and accomplish. Man can readily accept human beliefs and concepts. But it goes against manís will to trust and follow a God he cannot completely fathom or understand.


There is a story about a man named Jim who found a beautiful necklace. The gold chain had precious stones engraved into it and held an old tarnished coin. The chain was pretty and looked valuable if one would not look at the ugly old coin. Jim took the chain to a local pawn broker he knew that would not ask many questions. The pawn broker looked at the chain with the inlaid stones and thought it could be worth quite a few bucks. But he could not be sure of the chainís value without having a friend come over to appraise it, and that would cost fifty dollars.


Jim took the old coin off the chain and put it in his pocket. The coin was so scratched up it was probably just an old keep sake someone had put on the pretty chain. Besides if the owner was really looking for the chain it would be easy to identify with the coin on it. Jim told the pawn broker he would leave the chain and be back with the fifty dollars needed for the appraisal. Jim didnít know how he was going to get the money to have it appraised, but by hook or crook he would get it.


Jim went over to the local diner to grab something to eat. He saw his old friend Ben sitting at the counter eating his lunch. Jim sat down by Ben and told his story of how he needed fifty dollars to get the chain appraised, hoping Ben would loan him the money. But Ben merely asked Jim when he was going to pay him the last twenty dollars he loaned him.


Then Jim being desperate, used his hustlerís pitch to sell Ben the old coin that he had taken off of the chain for fifty dollars. Ben knew he had probably been taken, but he liked the old coin, and this was better than loaning Jim fifty dollars and getting nothing.


Jim took the fifty dollars and as he hurried out of the diner he heard Ben bellow out that he would come over to the pawn shop and get the coin appraised when he was through eating.


Jim waited at the pawnshop for the appraiser to come and then appraise the necklace chain. Jimís excitement melted way when the appraiser said the chain was only worth seventy five dollars, and the pawnshop broker would only give him fifty dollars for it. For Jim it was easy come, easy go, maybe next time he would be luckier.


Jim now wanted to slip out of the store before Ben got over there to have his coin appraised. If the chain was not worth much, the coin was probably not worth much either, probably worth much less than the fifty dollars he conned Ben into giving him. It would be better if he didnít see Ben till he had cooled off form losing money on the worthless coin.The only trouble was Ben was walking in the door as Jim was about to walk out of it, and trapped him into staying until the appraiser would put a value on the coin. The appraiser didnít think the coin was worth much, but offered to look through an old coin book to see if the coin had any worth for ten bucks.


Jim and Ben visited about old times while they waited for the coin to be the appraised. Jim hoped Ben wouldnít be too mad, for he didnít think the coin was even worth the ten dollar appraisal fee.


Finally the appraiser came out half laughing. He told them someone had really been taken. Ben, half disgusted, asked the appraiser to tell him the bad news. The appraiser looked at Ben and said, ďThis is a very rare coin. It is worth over two million dollars.Ē


To say Ben was happy was an understatement. But Jim could not believe what he had done. He had been so mesmerized by the shining gold chain he had given away the real treasure, the old ugly coin.


So it is with many today. We are so engrossed in the glitter and prestige of this world, the ideals that will make us rich, that seem to fit our lifestyles. We forget to remember that our real treasure comes out of a simple old book written thousands of years ago, the Word of God. For only in this book can we find out how much our God loves us, and how we can become His children.


By not taking the time to look in a coin appraisal book, Jim lost a treasure. By not opening the Word of God we will lose the greatest treasure of all, our Godís great gift of eternal life in Heaven.


*having been born again, not of corruptible seed but incorruptible, through the word of God which lives and abides forever, 1Pe 1:23 NKJV+




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