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9/14/20 - G. 3Ĺ Year Reign of beast/antichrist/man of sin Updated all of message after revision below


9/11/20 - G. 3Ĺ Year Reign of beast/antichrist/man of sin Updated part by date


9/2/20 Ė Specifics: Hades Ė Abyss - Tartarus Ė Hell Updated


8/20/20 Ė End Time Possibilities


5/3/20 Ė F. War of Gog; satan Thrown Out of 1st Heaven Updated


4/27/20 Ė When Holy Spirit Given to Gentiles

Using 29, 30, 31; of Godís 7 Kingdoms Diagram E.


4/8/20 Ė Outline How Jesus Spiritually Atoned for Sin

Using Godís 7 Kingdoms


4/7/20 Ė E. Jesusí Resurrected/Glorified Body Ascends into 2nd Heaven Updated


3/24/20 Ė D. Godís 7 Kingdoms; Jesusí Resurrected/Glorified; Heís Alive Updated


3/21/20 - When Believers Will Receive Glorified Bodies Updated/Renamed

1st fruits, 1st for Jews, then all the Faithful/Believers - Previously 4 Resurrections in Revelation††††††††††††††††††††††††


3/17/20 - C. Jesusí Spiritual Being Ascends into 2nd Heaven Updated


3/10/20 - B. Christís Birth to His Death on the Cross Updated


3/7/20 Ė Added verses to A. Godís 7 Kingdoms Last paragraph of message at very bottom


2/28/20 - A. Godís 7 Kingdoms; Beginning to Christís Birth (5BC) Updated


1/20/20 - 2020 year of Uniting; Decision; Separation in End Times

This decade may start the last years till Jesus returns


1/20/20 - Some Specific Commands of our God Ė Renamed was Some Specific Sins


12/24/19 - 4 Things Which Make Us Godís Children Ė Updated A reason; a means; a way; a surrender


12/8/19 - Jesus Birth; The True Story from Godís Word Ė Updated

Jesus born on Day of Atonement Tishri 10, 5BC (Sept/Oct) our time)


12/7/19 - Christmas; God Becomes Man in Maryís Womb - Updated

The Son of God became Jesus, when Holy Spirit impregnated Him in Maryís womb

Around Christmas Day over 2024 years ago in 6BC (6BC to 2019AD -1yr crossing 0 = 2024)


11/25/15 beast/antichrist/man of sin; Demon Possessed Jewish Man

Significance of the beast/antichrist/man of sin being a Jewish man


9/25/19- J. Godís 7 Kingdoms; White Throne Judgment to Godís New Heaven and Earth


9/25/19 - K. Godís 7 Kingdoms; Godís New Heaven, Earth, Jerusalem; and Hell


9/20/19 I. Godís 7 Kingdoms; Jesus 1,000 year Kingdom on earth to satan/demons thrown in Hell


9/3/19 - H. Godís 7 Kingdoms; Jesus returns for us; establishes His Kingdom on earth


8/14/19 - G. Godís 7 Kingdoms; 3Ĺ Year Reign of beast/antichrist/man of sin


6/12/19 Additions/Corrections; corrected F. Godís 7 Kingdoms; War of Gog to satan thrown out of Heaven


6/10/19 - F. Godís 7 Kingdoms; War of Gog to satan thrown out of Heaven Ė Edited


5/27/19 - Additions/Corrections Ė added to A. Godís 7 Kingdoms; from Adamís sin to Christís death on Cross


5/21/19 - How Godís 7 Kingdomís Change Ė edited A.-B.-C.-D.-E.see Additions/Corrections


5/13/19 - E. Godís 7 Kingdoms; Jesusí resurrected/glorified body ascends 2nd Heaven Rewritten/Renamed


5/6/19 - Our Soul and Spirit; Our Body and Mind Ė edited 5/6/19 Additions/Corrections