Meditate With Our God


 We must close our eyes and quietly visualize

Spiritually being with Jesus in the heavenly skies

Quietly talking with our eldest brother one on one

Yet knowing Christís great majesty as Godís first born son


We must find a comfortable spot to relax and put all of our worldly cares out of our mind. Then visualize our spiritual being, our soul and spirit, coming out of our body, and gently soaring into the heavens above. Where we can look down on the world, and see our physical being, our body and mind on the earth below. As we begin our spiritual visit with our Savior, we feel refreshed. All of our physical pains, aches, cravings, or wants of the body are left behind. All the sins of the flesh; greed, power, lust, and pride are no longer present. As we enter into the spiritual Kingdom of God, we feel all the power and glory of our Heavenly Father all around us, and we are engulfed in His eternal love. We are awestruck, yet have never had such peace, joy, and serenity. We tremble at His great glory, yet have never been so relaxed, never felt so wonderful, never been so happy.††


The Spirit like a wind blows by our face

Illuminating our belief in Christís atoning grace

Living in our soul, watching over it with one accord

Making us spotless to become one with our Lord


We can feel the Holy Spirit, like a wind all around us, as He keeps us in the love and grace of our Lord. As we open our hearts to the Spirit there suddenly appears an outline of a cross with Christ hanging on it in pain and agony. Suddenly all joy disappears and guilt overwhelms us. Our selfish pleasures and disobedience forced Jesus to come down from Heaven, and shed His blood on the cross to redeem us from our sins. The Spirit knowing we love our Savior brings us face to face with Him.


Our spirit humbly comes before Jesus in the heavens above

Where we are surrounded by our Saviorís immeasurable love

A love that knows all extremes and extent

A love that makes us freely want to repent


We fall at the feet of our Redeemer and freely repent of all our disobedience. Jesus quietly tells us that because we love Him above all things, our neighbors as our selves, all our sins have already been forgiven, and forgotten forever. Jesus then bids us to walk with Him through the beautiful garden of Heaven, as we visit with our Master, who is also our eldest brother, who desires to be our best friend. We can talk with Jesus about anything, and know He will listen, answering our questions and concerns. We feel the Saviorís love all around us, and desire to pass this love on to all, as we love others as Christ loves us. Jesus then leads us into a large gathering.


We come to unite with all the saints as one throng

Praising our awesome God with prayers and song

We are one with all in Heaven and earth below

Our praises echoing everywhere, our Savior to extol


We are part of the family of God, with all of our brothers and sisters in Christ, those who are living and those who have gone before us. Though we do not know who they all will be, we can envision being in Heaven with our loved ones, with all the Heavenly Host, singing and praising our great God. This suddenly reminds us of the work we must continually do back on earth, to help our loved ones, all others, become part of our Fatherís family.


 When our meditation is done, our soul does descend

Back to the world and our bodies once again

Striving to hold fast to the Savior we adore

Until we can be spiritually strengthened once more


After meditating, after being spiritually fed, our soul once more must come back to the sinful world, our physical body. We will daily face worldly battles, our flesh will tempt us, and Satan will try to wear down our faith. The only antidote we have for the busy lifestyle we now live, is to daily take time to be with our God, so our love and faith for Him can be continually renewed.


We struggle through this world each in our own way

Waiting for Jesus to take us home on our last day

Then we will live with our Lord forevermore

And have with Him an everlasting ongoing rapport


Heaven where we can share our Masterís glory with all believers in one accord, yet be able to quietly visit one on one with our Lord.


*and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, Eph 2:6 NKJV+








Copyright 2002 amended 2013 by Ron Borkey

+ ESV ďScripture quotations marked [ESV] are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version,Ē copyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good New Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.Ē

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