It was our Fatherís plan to quietly have Jesus born as our Savior and King without anyone knowing about His birth; to keep Him from being killed by King Herod. Godís Son became a physical man, Jesus, when the Holy Spirit gave Him life in Maryís womb. All human life begins in a motherís womb; and King Herod would have killed Jesus in His motherís womb if he would have known and understood that Mary was carrying a new Messiah and King. It is easy to see why our Father hates the killing of any baby in the womb, He has a purpose for all of them, and detests abortion; we should likewise detest and oppose abortion. 


Our Fatherís plan had Jesus born on the Day of Atonement by design, for it was the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, and had strict ceremonial law restrictions.

These ceremonial Sabbath laws are what kept the inn keeper and others from helping Mary, finding a better place for her to give birth to Jesus; and kept them from coming to see the newborn Babe. Those who obeyed God would be home after sunset praying to have their sins forgiven on this Day, had no reason to come out to see a newborn baby on this holy night. This kept Herod from hearing any stories about a new born King and killing Jesus.†††


Our Fatherís plan was to announce the birth of Jesus to only some shepherds, for they were of ill repute, known to lie and were not well received in the community. Their story about a newborn King probably was never told to King Herod, and if it was it would not be taken seriously by him. Godís angels told/chanted the glorious news to these shepherds and then were gone; there was no singing or celebration which any others could hear, which would have spread and reported back to Herod. This would also fulfill our Fatherís promise to give His plan of salvation to the Jews first, then the Gentiles. The Gentiles would meet and worship Jesus later, at the house Jesusí family was living in, until Maryís ceremonial cleansing was finished at Godís Temple in Jerusalem. 


Jesus came into the world meek and mild as our Savior who would die to atone for our sins; and our Heavenly Father wished for peace on earth on the day when Jesus was born. Yet Jesus did not come to bring peace on this earth, but peace with God. Jesus came to bring division in this world, between those who will love Him, follow Him; and those who will not. This includes many we will celebrate Christmas with; may even include some of our fellow church members, friends, and those within our own families. Yet when we celebrate Christmas we should strive to have peace on this day; then in love we should stand up for our God, studying Godís Word. So with Bible verses, with prayers; tell all what a great God we have, how He would have us live.†††


Merry Christmas to all