End Times


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End Time Possibilities


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4 Resurrections in Revelation Edited 2/10/19


Always be: First fruits – 1st for Jew – then Gentiles (all people)


Tribulation; Jesus Returns; God’s Wrath Rewritten 5/7/17

2Thess 2:1-4 dispels replacement and pretribulation theories


7 Seals; 7 Trumpets; 7 Bowls God’s Wrath

 Explain these 21 events; the misconceptions about them


Three; 3½ Year Periods before Jesus Returns   

Jesus 3½ years; 2 prophets 3½ years; antichrist 3½ years


Where We Are in End Times Updated 4/21/16

When the events of end times will happen


Jewish Feasts Show God’s plan of Salvation  

7 Jewish Feasts show the events in God’s plan of salvation


Israel Will Always Be a Nation

Until God’s New Heaven and Earth


The antichrist

Also known as beast; man of sin


The Gathering (Rapture)

Believers given glorified bodies



Always be tribulation, then 3½ yrs. great tribulation


Brief Introduction to Tribulation

What tribulation is, what wrath is


Be Prepared

Jesus returns after antichrist’s reign 


The Jewish Revival

The Jewish Revival fulfills many prophesies