Godís 7 Kingdoms; a Bible Reference with 12 Diagrams

7 Kingdoms God Uses; to make us His children, bring us into His New Heaven/Earth

Puts in context verses throughout the Bible, showing what has happened, will happen in end times


All 12 diagrams with verses; shows 7 Kingdoms God uses with over 800 verses to explain them


All 12 diagrams without verses; shows 7 Kingdoms God uses to save us without verses for a quick overview


All 12 diagrams without verses and diagrams; to quickly see order they are happening


*Each individual diagram (12); with verses after the diagram explaining the events in them


Intro; God designed 7 Kingdoms to Heavens Created


A. Man Created to Awaiting Jesus (5BC)


Godís plan to save us from our sins; by Jesus dying on the cross, resurrection, ascending into Heaven†††††


B. Jesus Birth (5BC) to His Death on the Cross (30AD)


C. Jesus Spiritual Being Ascends into 2nd Heaven†† ††


D. Jesus Body Resurrected/Glorified; Heís Alive†† ††


E. Jesus Resurrected/Glorified Body Ascends into 2nd Heaven ††


Where we are now, how the end times will come; until Jesus returns for us


F. War of Gog; satan Thrown Out of 1st Heaven††††


G. 3Ĺ Year Reign of beast/antichrist/man of sin ††


H. Jesus Returns for Us; Establishes His Kingdom on Earth ††


Where we will be in spiritual glorified bodies until we are taken to Godís New Heaven and Earth


I. Jesus 1,000 Year Kingdom on Earth; satan Thrown in Hell ††


J. White Throne Judgment; Godís New Heaven/Earth


K. Godís Eternal Kingdoms; New Heaven/Earth/Jerusalem


Chart When given glorified body




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