Godís 7 Kingdoms; a Bible Reference with 12 Diagrams

7 Kingdoms God Uses; to make us His children, bring us into His New Heaven/Earth

Puts in context verses throughout the Bible, showing what has happened, will happen in end times


All 12 diagrams without verses; short summary help you find specific events; from creation to Godís New Heaven and Earth


*Each individual diagram (12); with verses after the diagram explaining the events in them


Intro; God designed 7 Kingdoms to Heavens Created 4/7/21


A. Man Created to Awaiting Jesus (5BC) Edited 4/7/21


Godís plan to save us from our sins; by Jesus dying on the cross, resurrection, ascending into Heaven†††††


B. Jesusís Birth (5BC) to His Death on the Cross (30AD) 3/10/20


C. Jesusí Spiritual Being Ascends into 2nd Heaven 3/17/20††


D. Jesusí Body Resurrected/Glorified; Heís Alive 3/24/20††


E. Jesusí Resurrected/Glorified Body Ascends into 2nd Heaven 4/7/20


Where we are now, how the end times will come; until Jesus returns for us


F. War of Gog; satan Thrown Out of 1st Heaven 10/15/20††††


G. 3Ĺ Year Reign of beast/antichrist/man of sin 9/14/20


H. Jesus Returns for Us; Establishes His Kingdom on Earth 7/10/20


Where we will be in spiritual glorified bodies until we are taken to Godís New Heaven and Earth


I. Jesusí 1,000 Year Kingdom on Earth; satan Thrown in Hell 7/14/20 ††


J. White Throne Judgment; Godís New Heaven/Earth 7/17/20


K. Godís Eternal Kingdoms; New Heaven/Earth/Jerusalem, Hell 7/18/20




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